The Water Forest

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Cow and Noir are sitting on a couch in the living room. Noir has with her a deck of eighty brown-coloured cards; each card carries a print of a different animal.

Noir: Alright! So the game is called The Water Forest. The game can only be played by three people. You distribute ten cards to each player from the deck and you start playing the game.
Cow: How?
Noir: I’m explaining that! From the deck you need to find cards which match with the ones you have.
Cow: Oh! That should be really easy to do!
Noir: It’s not! You pick one card and if it doesn’t match with any you have, then I will pick one! If the card I picked matches with any of the cards I have, then I get the chance to pick again and I will keep picking, until I find a card which doesn’t match with any of the cards I have! Also, when exactly a player’s pick turns out to be a matching card depends entirely on their luck!
Cow: Oh! I never get lucky with anything! But I will still play!

Thirty minutes later…

Cow: So the whole deck has been gone through and yet, I couldn’t match even one of my cards!
Noir: Yeah! I matched four of mine!
Cow: I hate this game!


The Argument

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Turmeric is having a heated argument with Prince Eric. He is talking to him about a story he read recently which made him reach a conclusion afterwards over Prince Eric.

Turmeric: I know extremely well what your character is like Eric! You are a lot like Christopher (the male protagonist in ‘The Teddy Bear’) but you will never marry a girl like Alice. You are just the type who likes to end up with a stupid woman!
Prince Eric: How dare you?
Turmeric: How dare I? Have you ever seen your face in the mirror? You don’t look like the type who would ever marry somebody wonderful!
Prince Eric: That isn’t true! You know I will!
Turmeric: You aren’t listening to me, are you? Prove to me that you won’t end up with some stupid woman!
Prince Eric: I will! Oh! I definitely will!
Turmeric (screams): And when will that be?
Prince Eric: Soon! I just need to fall deeply in love first! And when I do, I promise I will prove that to you!
Turmeric: Fine! I will trust you!
Prince Eric: Thank you!
Turmeric: I am going to share with Noir the conversation I just had with you! If she tells me that she doesn’t trust you like how I trust you, then you better get ready for this fact that I will be deeply disappointed in you…for forever!

The Cake

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It is the day after Christmas Day. Most people in the palace are still sleeping soundly in their beds. The Chef, however, is looking through some recipe sheets in the kitchen to make something. A kitchen boy, meanwhile, is cleaning the kitchen floor with a broom.

Chef: I want to bake a cake. But I don’t want to bake any ordinary cake. I want to bake a cake that is yellow in colour plus low in fat. I want to add slices of fruit on top of it too.
Kitchen boy: That cake doesn’t sound very delicious! Is it for the King?
Chef: Yes! He shouldn’t be eating too much fatty food.
Kitchen boy: Why? Is it because he is in his fifties?
Chef: That is a reason!
Kitchen boy: You should add different coloured fruits then to tempt him into eating the cake!
Chef: That is a good idea! Which fruits do you suggest?
Kitchen boy: I think cranberries, kiwis and plums would be good!
Chef: Yes, those would be good! I will also decorate the cake with ribbons and pearls – the cake will look so beautiful that way, the King will want to eat it right away!

The Boy From The Valley

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It is late afternoon. Turmeric is sitting upon two blue-coloured cushions, next to a window, and reading another story from Hamlet’s Short Stories. The story is titled ‘The Boy From The Valley’.

The Boy From The Valley

Once upon a time, there lived a poor boy in a valley who earned a measly income from selling milk bottles in town. One day, he meets a girl in town, who lives in a house that is situated up on a mountain; she is from a rich family and used to living her life in luxury. The boy falls in love upon first sight with the girl but, at first, he cannot muster up enough courage to tell the girl this out of fear that she will never love him because he is poor. However, he tells everybody that he chats with when he is in town for his job, about the girl and how he hopes to marry her someday.

Many people who hear this story, including members of the girl’s family, laugh at him for thinking a girl like that could ever be his. One day, the girl overhears the boy share his story with a paperboy; when he finishes talking to the paperboy he notices that the girl has overheard what they were talking about. The girl then demands that he tell her just how many people he has shared this story with and how they reacted. When the boy finishes doing so and the girl learns that people have been laughing at him, she begins to feel pity for him; she also begins to develop feelings for the boy and tells him this. Soon, the two get married but the girl never goes back to live up on the mountain because she loves the boy and people in her house had once treated him so badly.

Turmeric (thinks to himself): I love the story! I can’t believe the boy finally got the girl!

Noir, Cow and Potato Wedges

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Cow is sat in his garden underneath a palm tree on three gold-colored cushions. He is eating some potato wedges which the Chef has served to him on an orange-colored plate. Noir, meanwhile, is sat next to him on two silvered-colored cushions and drinking some cold water.

Noir: Cow, how are you finding the potato wedges?

Cow: I think the potato wedges are really tasty!

Noir: Is this the first time you have eaten potato made in this way?

Cow: Yes! I want to now have potato like this quite often!

Noir: I wonder why they don’t make and sell potato wedges at restaurants here!

Cow: I wish they did! Instead of going to a restaurant and sampling it, I had to actually try out what potato wedges taste like with a homemade edition!

Noir: Maybe you should talk to chefs at a few top restaurants and request them to include the dish on their menus!

Cow: Mmm, maybe I should! Potato wedges look easy enough to make.

Three Poor People and a Feast

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Today is the day of the feast. A very long queue of poor people has formed outside the palace and kitchen boys are busy handing out one bowl of food to each person in the queue. Noir is outside as well and she is sitting on a green foldable chair and observing the handing out of food, as Prince Eric stands by her side.

Prince Eric: Noir, are you hungry yet? Just looking at so many poor people pick up food is making me hungry!
Noir: I’m not hungry yet! Do you want to go back inside and eat something?
Prince Eric: No! It’s already one o’clock in the afternoon! The feast should be over within an hour or so, so I think I’m just going to wait!

Some feet away from Noir and Prince Eric, three poor people are chattering and heading back home with food bowls in their hands.

Joshua: I cannot believe the food the King has given us! Would it have hurt if he had given us more rice to eat instead of all these different types of vegetables?
Ezra: It sure would not have! I am just glad I did not immediately open the bowl and find only vegetables to eat with rice.
Phineas: When I had heard from my neighbor there is going to be a feast for poor people at the palace today and I should get myself to it early for it, I had thought the food they will be serving must be food that nobody wanted to eat in the palace because otherwise, why all of a sudden would the king be throwing a feast for poor people? I have lived in this town all my life and I have never heard about something like this happening before even once.

Hamlet’s Short Stories

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Tomorrow is the day of the feast. Eight tables have been placed outside the front door of the palace; the food which has been prepared will be put upon the tables in round bowls and later served to the poor by the kitchen boys. Noir, meanwhile, is looking through her wardrobe to find something nice to wear for the feast as Turmeric stands idly by and chit-chats.

Turmeric: I read a story from this book you have called Hamlet’s Short Stories.
Noir: Oh! You did? Which story did you read?
Turmeric: The one which had a teddy bear in it that could talk.
Noir: Do you mean the story which had the characters Alice and Christopher in it?
Turmeric: Yes, that one!
Noir: What did you think of the story?
Turmeric: I thought it was very good. For a moment, I had thought Christopher was going to marry Lydia in the end even though he had fallen in love with Alice. But I was pleasantly surprised to find the story had a different ending.
Noir: That’s great! I love that story! It’s one of my favorites from the book!
Turmeric: Where did you buy the book from?
Noir: I bought it from a bazaar here.
Turmeric: Oh! I am going to read more stories from the book! Sometimes, when at night I cannot sleep, I get out of my lamp and I see that you are sound asleep. I feel bored during moments like that. If I read the book then, especially, any story in it which temporarily pairs a great boy like Christopher with Lydia, it will make me fall asleep soon.