North Korea’s Economic Troubles

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Why the Asian state’s economy is a picture of bleakness

North Korea is a communist state and a few of its major production areas are mining and textiles. The nation’s economy is a subject of centralized control and small scale improvements in the market have produced positive results, such as better living conditions (more than half of the people of North Korea now live in towns) and better wages.

However, because the middle range for age for North Koreans is a figure which is very close to the mid-thirties, it begs the question of how North Korea, as a state, can prosper when there aren’t enough young workers to count on to raise the state’s financial status quo. A big privatization drive could be the answer to that problem here because it would probably inject new money into dying trade areas but a problem that could occur owing to privatization is an increased presence of corruption.

So, the only way forward for the nation’s economy would be to rake in greater profits from its exports. A few of the nations which North Korea exports to are: India, China and Thailand, and export for the nation was recently affected in the areas of textile and mining because of sanctions forced upon the state owing to its nuclear weapons program – sanctions should have been avoided and a satisfactory result should have been reached owing to intensive negotiations. But nothing of that sort has materialized yet.


Protests planned for Donald Trump’s visit to the UK

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A march and the flying of a giant balloon are two types of protests that have been planned for the visit

A giant balloon very funnily caricaturing Donald Trump as a big baby wearing diapers is supposed to fly close to the British parliament in London on the day of his visit to the United Kingdom. The big balloon aims to act as a form of protest against the American President, who has been labeled as a racist and a hazard to vulnerable groups, such as members of the weaker sex, by the organizers of the event.

President Trump is scheduled to visit the United Kingdom on the 13th of July and the floating balloon is not the only type of planned protest against the visit – another protest in the form of a march, called Stop Trump, is also going to take place in London, with thousands marching against an unprogressive President. It does not appear as if the protests are going to cause an impact on the President at all but what these protests certainly do, in my outlook, is highlight that Trump is shockingly a deeply unpopular visiting President to the United Kingdom.

Women and Welfare

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Which country is the most unsafe for women?

A new probe by the Thomson Reuters Foundation has found that some countries are safer than others for women. When it comes to ranking nations based on numerous types of sexual violence targeting women, the poll is controversial in nature because it seems to be based on knowledge of such incidents increasingly made available and that would show a biased assessment; given that the cultures of few nations (where inequality for women is rampant) would make it very tough to reveal on incidents of that type, the assessment should really not be taken overtly seriously.

But other than that the ranking seems to be a fine indicator of where certain developing nations stand for garnering women the right to safety on their own soil: India topped the probe this year, as it performed horrifically over problems of ‘human trafficking’, ‘culture & religion’ and ‘sexual violence’. Surprisingly, United States made the list at the bottom end, primarily for its problems with tackling ‘sexual violence’, as other lesser developed countries like Nigeria and Pakistan fared better in that particular area.

Meanwhile, two predominantly Muslim countries provided interesting results: Afghanistan came in second because of problems of ‘discrimination’, ‘health’ and ‘non-sexual violence’, whilst Saudi Arabia showed serious problems of ‘discrimination’. When you compare this to findings from Syria, where sexual violence is one of the primary reasons why the country is so unsafe for women, in my outlook, it shows that a wide-presence of conservative cultures (even when conflict is present in a country) do not always act as a barrier to garnering safety for women and thus, there is scope for improvement, which should be utilized, even when the picture looks rather bleak.

Who are Rohingyas?

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Rohingyas are refugees getting away from Myanmar to seek shelter in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, thousands of refugees have been arriving from Myanmar to save their lives from the nation’s military. They are called Rohingyas and this mass exodus is a result of targeted violence in Myanmar in the form of burning down of villages and the planting of land mines at the border between the two neighboring nations. However, running away from the discrimination in Myanmar has not culminated in a favorable outcome for the refugees. Inside Bangladesh, these refugees live in camps that they have propped up themselves and they cannot always obtain food and other such basic amenities.

The underlying problem here is perhaps that there is a dispute over the origin of these refugees: Rohingyas claim to be successors of Muslim merchants but the Burmese government classifies them as unofficial migrants from Bangladesh; also, to exacerbate the problem here, consecutive Burmese governments have never considered Rohingyas to be a part of the ethnic minority in Myanmar and these people do not hold Burmese citizenship. The only constructive progress that has happened so far is a quite recent agreement between Bangladesh and Myanmar which aims to send Rohingyas back to where they ran away from; the agreement maintains that this plan should be complete by 2020 but many Rohingyas don’t have the citizenship to comply with this plan.

What Myanmar needs to do is completely change its position over Rohingyas and count them as part of the state’s responsibility to appropriately care take. Myanmar cannot simply dump this responsibility through its actions on Bangladesh because the burden to take care of Rohingyas cannot be borne by Bangladesh alone. Furthermore, they should also drop their present biased approach (such as over marriage and education) towards the Rohingyas who will be returning to Myanmar.

Eid al-Fitr

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A holiday to celebrate with the people who are really close to you

Eid is that time of the year when you get to enjoy rich food, such as kebabs and biryani. Muslims observe two types of Eid every year: the Eid al-Fitr and the Eid al-Adha. Eid al-Fitr is observed after the end of the fasting season (called ‘Ramadan’) for Muslims. The holiday lasts for three long days and different people celebrate it in different ways but I think the best kind is when people wear nice new clothes because it makes the time appear as a happy occasion. People use the greeting ‘Eid Mubarak’ (translates to ‘Blessed Eid’) to wish each other on the day. Also, on Eid, big towns turn into bright places because of light decorations and the time is used to give out ‘zakat’, which is a means to cater for the poor in society.

The Tragedy with Rape

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Rape is a deplorable crime committed against women and they should never be condemned in community for it

Rape is a form of physical onslaught carried out against a woman (or a man), which involves forced sexual activity. For a woman (or a young girl), it is so that her companion is most likely to carry out this type of violence against her; this is in spite of the level of trust that such a relationship is expected to carry.

In environments of war, rape is also used as a means to degrade people being fought against and there have also been instances where children were born because of rape carried out by soldiers during the 1971 war in Bangladesh. Furthermore, a persistent rape culture present in nations such as India very wrongfully encourages both mistreatment and the condemnation of victims of rape.

It is high time that women are provided with ample support to deal with the consequence of this type of onslaught because rape can lead them to feel helpless and victimized – these are big enough emotional hurdles to cross as it is, whilst having to simultaneously grapple with the heinousness of the activity carried out. Also, women should never be further victimized and made to feel ashamed for a crime committed against them because what actions of that type really demonstrates is an extremely ugly (and primitive) side of culture that still shockingly finds ways to survive in an otherwise contemporary society.

What The Hungarian Elections Portray

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Extremism is on the rise and it aims to hurt Hungary’s image in the world, rather than solve all of its problems

In Hungary, national elections were conducted recently and tragically a far-right extremist party called Fidesz came to power, demonstrating the general characteristics of extremism in the country. Although, Hungarians had expressed an interest to do away with Fidesz‘s leader: Viktor Orban, who has been in power since 2010, his third consecutive victory actually highlights the pressing need to engage in a more open-minded outlook with the subject of immigrants in both Hungary and across Europe.

The consequences of the elections (conducted this April) are severe because Viktor has an extremely narrow-minded approach to the migrant problem and it is definitely not amusing. Viktor is very strongly against immigration coming into the country from Africa and the Middle East; he has even shockingly justified his racist ideology by stating that those people from Africa and the Middle East will be responsible for terror episodes in Hungary.

It a gross misrepresentation of what people from those countries can generally be like: there is no denying that Hungary is a developed country but not all nations in Africa and the Middle East are poor; both the regions are very vast areas too, so it is wrong to look at people coming to Hungary from those nations with such narrow-mindedness. It is important to add that many African and Middle Eastern nations might have practices such as conservatism based on religion but something like that does not primarily exist to potentially harm Hungarians.

It is true that matters such as the recent burst of immigration and the global refugee problem, are really worrying situations. But because of all that, immigration from outside of the West should not be looked at in a polarizing (and racist) manner; what Orban really does is tragically always risk Hungary’s image in the world.

Why Sports Is Important

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Sports is so much more than just a type of recreational habit

Sports should always be considered an important aspect of daily life: whether you like to play it, talk about it or simply watch it, it is very easy to get caught up with sports, owing to its competitive nature. In my outlook, the posh image associated with sports: the presence of sports clubs and the elite in society participating in playing games (in their gardens), is nowadays no longer deeply important because with the advent of games growing in popularity across the world, sports has become more accessible for all. In an increasingly globalized world, sports has also progressed onto fueling a country’s image, in terms of what it can offer to the most popular games of today, such as football, tennis and cricket, because it is very much reflective of a country’s status in the world today; some examples of nations which dominate in sports (of various types) are: France, Brazil and United States.

How A Country Should Fight Pollution

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Why developing countries should always prioritize keeping the environment clean

As countries develop and grow, pollution becomes one of the main problems that they have to tackle. For a start, an economy on the rise means more people now have earning power than before and, as a result, are able to buy cars of their own; although, on the surface a scenario such as that looks really good, what it actually does is pollute the air with toxic releases from the exhaust of automobiles. As a result, what a country must do when it begins to rise is instead focus on improving both its local public transport network and roads for pedestrians so that more people do not go out and buy cars just because they now have an income to do so.

These types of development should really come before others, like glossing up a developing country and making it appear on the road to advancement with the introduction of countless malls, beautiful public gardens etc. because in actuality improved roads and transport networks can do this much better. Furthermore, the public too should aim to contribute to improving their locality’s environment by recycling more and roads which have been improved should be dotted with plenty of newly planted trees as well because trees also combat polluted air effectively; in my outlook, only a country which makes an effort and continually changes to take care of its environment is the type that can really be regarded as a country that is worth taking seriously.

The Need To Aid Refugees

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Why support for refugees should always be a priority

A refugee is essentially a person, who has been rendered helpless and made vulnerable because reasons like ongoing fighting and displays of savagery in their country have tragically compelled them to run away from their lands. Recently, Europe has served as a base for many refugees from around the world to seek refuge in; coming from countries such as Iraq, Morocco, Ukraine, Turkey, China, Iran, Bangladesh, Venezuela and Russia, most refugees usually choose Germany to request for asylum in. Refugees, as people on the move, live in the most tragic of environments – tents, are an example, but many also live in cities.

A refugee should always receive adequate support (from governments) whenever they are seeking it out on foreign shores because they tend to be from developing nations that could be cripplingly poor, are sometimes deeply in turmoil and may have also had a history of experiencing some type of struggle. There are actually many ways that an ordinary person can help refugees too, like giving them shelter inside their homes if they have got sufficient room to spare; even though enormous cultural (and linguistic) barriers exist between the natives of one country and refugees, it never hurts to be kind to the needy.