Bad Dating and Astrological Signs

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What are the negative dating characteristics of each astrological sign?

Every woman in the world has bad character attributes which sometimes can stand in the way of scoring a really great date. Those bad qualities can be attributed to a woman because of her astrological sign too, meaning that those qualities all vary from one astrological sign to the other. The bad character attributes of each astrological sign are as follows,

The Aries woman: she treats dating as a tournament – a woman doing that stands at risk of coming off as desperate.

The Taurus woman: she cannot be bothered to make an effort to go out on a date.

The Gemini woman: she is a two-faced woman who might be in love but she will still mock you.

The Cancer woman: she has too much loathe for past boyfriends, which can act as a turn-off for the new man in your life because he knows what’s in store from your end if a breakup happens.

The Leo woman: she has too much self-interest to show any interest towards her date.

The Virgo woman: she is obsessed with the desire to be perfect at every little thing she does.

The Libra woman: she doesn’t really like to settle down, probably because she has the potential to attract many men.

The Scorpio woman: she is a tactless woman and if she is impolite with you then its only because she adores you.

The Sagittarius woman: she is extremely lively.

The Capricorn woman: she is far too committed with the idea of scoring a date and it could freak men out on first dates.

The Aquarius woman: she is a creative woman and so often men might not understand her at all on dates.

The Pisces woman: she very irritatingly absolutely adores picking out faults in men.


The In-Laws In The Contemporary Age

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What the in-laws should be like for a modern wife

In the contemporary age, the concept of marriage is no longer the same for a woman, as it used to be in the past. But the concept of in-laws, which comes with a marriage, is still pretty much the same. Although, the concept of a woman has also changed over time (for example: a woman can nowadays actually be more powerful than men), the fact that this thought of marrying a man’s family along with him still prevails, in my outlook, is a perfectly good reason to never want to get married.

It is really tough to comprehend that just because a marriage might bring plenty of changes to a modern woman’s life that the changes must be very annoying; when there is a demanding or a dominating woman in the picture, then it is even more important that the changes be welcoming. So, these changes cannot involve the idea of her in-laws interrupting a marriage randomly, such as by requesting the woman to regularly visit them in the same way she very happily always visits her mother after the marriage, even if that idea clashes with what they have always had in mind over what a traditional daughter-in-law should be like for them; I think it is really difficult to come across in-laws who do not act as if they are supremely important figures in a relationship when they aren’t.

It is thus, high time that people’s idea of what a traditional daughter-in-law is changes and adapts to fit a relationship and benefit it, rather than pose as a problem that can easily be evaded by simply just never getting married at all. In my perspective, what would really help a woman escape such a scenario in a marriage is if she acts wisely over selecting a man to marry: if the woman is just particular about the type of family her boyfriend will bring around if she was to, in the future, marry him then it should be possible for her to avoid most of the problems that in-laws could bring to a marriage in modern times.

The Ideal Man

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Why an ideal man is worth spending time thinking over

Every woman’s definition of an ideal man varies; what might be attractive to one person, does not necessarily always have to be attractive to another. Some examples of qualities in a man that sound really attractive are: tall, loyal, dark, sympathetic, kind, industrious, understanding, funny and handsome. There are just far too many qualities in the world to choose from but I think whilst caricaturing this idea of the perfect man in your mind a woman must really stop after carefully picking out a fair few number of points just so that she does not become this woman who is posing to be an imperfect catch because of her desire to sleep around a lot.

The scenario is quite similar to what a woman might experience if she grows interested in dating a womanizer because he is that type of a man who might never commit. If you just take a look at their sexual history or their number of girlfriends (that might even crazily cross fifty), as a woman you do get this feeling from them that if you were dating a womanizer then there can never be any guarantee that the eligible bachelor’s eye might not wander to someone ridiculous. This is because sleeping around seems a bigger catch to a womanizer sometimes than a relationship with an attractive woman. Seriously, how much pulling power can a man have when he seems to be flitting from relationships with great women fast? I would like to think not a lot because a perfect man like that is supposed to only date great women and yet, relationships constantly keep failing between two perfect people; it could be because a womanizer is in the picture and someone unworthy has caught the man’s eye.

So when you just caricature in your mind with some basics of the type that your ideal man should be then when you share that piece of information (perhaps on a date), you come across as the perfect catch. If life makes it so that you have to change your mind about that type which your ideal man should be like, then you can easily to do that because not everybody can just afford to be so sure about everything all the time.

The Perfect Match

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A perfect match is important to always having a happy romantic life

In romances, there should always be a match between the man and the woman, in my point of view, in terms of both looks and character because that way a romantic relationship (or even a marriage) is constantly a happy environment and one that regularly pleases both the man and the woman, even when plenty of adjustments are thrown into the picture for that relationship. Just imagine: if a woman is attractive and has a good disposition, then the types of men that she might, even completely unintentionally, romantically interest would only be the really good looking types. It is a type of ‘attraction power’ that really comes with the kind of life you have led, how much you look after yourself and also what your character is like; at the end of the day, the type of boyfriend or girlfriend an individual gets is a very good demonstration of the kind that they can get. Normally, an attractive person would really only be seen with another attractive person, irrespective of what part of the world they come from; as an individual, I like to think, that it is an entirely realistic expectation to have from love.

What Is A Friend?

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A friend is somebody to enjoy your life with; that person is who you share all of your secrets with, have a lot in common with and is also someone who you never fight or argue with, even though you have totally different outlooks in life. In my book, the perfect friend would be somebody who is always there for you; indeed, that is one of the many reasons why a friend goes on to turn into your best friend. I also feel that in life it is really tough to find good friends and that when you do you should always hold onto them. Truly, always striving to upkeep the relationships you have with your friends is just as important as it is to do the all things you love to do in life, like, always maintaining a hobby (for me, that would be striving to always read plenty of books). When you have a friend to turn to all the time, every moment in life instantly becomes a moment to happily look forward to because you have got somebody in this world to forever cherish life with.

Obnoxious Weddings

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Weddings are supposed to be pretty affairs. But it is not always so. Sometimes a wedding turns into the most obnoxious of affairs because the bridegroom is such an obnoxious person (think: a man who has cultivated too many bad personal habits, a man with tendencies of a househusband, a man with a really bad character, and so on); the wedding is still happening because the bride is desperate to get married or has fallen in love with a man like that.

The idea of weddings like that really makes me think about the kind of family that a man like that comes from; really, there must have been some very good reason why their son is this horrible. Also, a sharp-tongued woman like me might be broad-minded enough to not be critical of this idea that a woman cannot possibly marry a man like that because she really honestly deserved a lot better in life but it isn’t always easy to impress everybody with all the decisions in the world.

Sometimes, I wonder if the family the woman is marrying into is going to disapprove of the bride – in a society, which has a patriarchal slant, that certainly seems to be a possibility because the family could practice son preference and their son has turned out to be so horrible. But it could also be the bride’s own family that had no other choice but to obviously oblige to the marriage, even though they possibly wanted their daughter to have had a better bridegroom than a man like that, and yet (humiliatingly) have ended up instead with such an obnoxious man; truly, sometimes weddings can be tough.

The Single Life

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Among romances, arranged marriages and marriages everywhere, there is me and my life as a single woman. It makes me think about how different my life is from so many women in the world.

I like to enjoy my life as a single woman and all the me time it brings; I have always been self-involved and I’m also really not of the marrying kind. I do have my best friend, my close friends and my friends but I am also that type of woman who never feels like a romantic relationship is really necessary for me to have – I already feel complete in my life when I get to spend time with my friends and share absolutely all of my thoughts with them all the time; I have also got pets, who I love dearly and spend a lot of time with.

True, a legendary romance (like a fairy tale) is really one of the most beautiful things in the world to have. Despite the fact that I’m always such a busy woman, all these marriages do make me realize, in the middle of it all, that I’m a woman who doesn’t have that – I’m not even close to having something like that; really, any kind of marriage brings you closer to that reality much better than the single life.

I have to confess that too much airing everywhere of all this closeness between two people (romantic or not) does drive me crazy sometimes because as an independent woman it isn’t possible for me to always spend time with my friends and get that level of closeness – as a self-involved woman, I have also got my life and myself to think about. All of that, also makes me feel really proud over how I handle myself in life, when so many women are too irritatingly clingy when it comes to just doing the total opposite and outright avoiding the single life; truly, no matter what, I really do love my single life too much and I wouldn’t want to change it for the world.