North Korea’s Economic Troubles

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Why the Asian state’s economy is a picture of bleakness

North Korea is a communist state and a few of its major production areas are mining and textiles. The nation’s economy is a subject of centralized control and small scale improvements in the market have produced positive results, such as better living conditions (more than half of the people of North Korea now live in towns) and better wages.

However, because the middle range for age for North Koreans is a figure which is very close to the mid-thirties, it begs the question of how North Korea, as a state, can prosper when there aren’t enough young workers to count on to raise the state’s financial status quo. A big privatization drive could be the answer to that problem here because it would probably inject new money into dying trade areas but a problem that could occur owing to privatization is an increased presence of corruption.

So, the only way forward for the nation’s economy would be to rake in greater profits from its exports. A few of the nations which North Korea exports to are: India, China and Thailand, and export for the nation was recently affected in the areas of textile and mining because of sanctions forced upon the state owing to its nuclear weapons program – sanctions should have been avoided and a satisfactory result should have been reached owing to intensive negotiations. But nothing of that sort has materialized yet.


France Wins The World Cup

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France beats Croatia to win the 2018 World Cup

After days of matches at numerous stadiums in Russia, the World Cup finally came to an end with a victory for France. The final match between France and Croatia ended with a 4-2 result; in my outlook, results-wise it was quite a hard-fought victory for France. Furthermore, France winning the trophy was a very good end to an international tournament that was otherwise racked with tragic exits, such as that of Brazil. Meanwhile, Harry Kane, who played for England during this World Cup was awarded the Golden Boot – the award designates the finest goalscorer for a tournament; also, the match of 14th July resulted in a spectacular victory for Belgium with a 2-0 result, earning it third place at the 2018 World Cup.

The Semi-finals End For The World Cup

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The final match is on July 15, in which France and Croatia will be competing for the trophy

The semi-finals came to an end for the World Cup on July 11 and the Final is set to begin on July 15. At the semi-finals, England shockingly left the tournament by losing to Croatia; the match had ended with a 2-1 result. I think it was very surprising to have Croatia win because the team had scored once more only after extra time was added to the game; England had kept Croatia onto a 1-1 result for a long time, which makes the former team’s departure from the tournament a very tragic episode. Meanwhile, the day before the England-Croatia game, France won against Belgium, which means that France (a football heavyweight) will now be competing against Croatia in the Final for the cup. But before that happens, on July 14, the two losing teams will be fighting for a third place – it would be great if Belgium could gain that third spot since the team had performed better than England during this tournament.

What To Expect At The Semi-Finals

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Tragedy and an easy win is what plausibly lies in store at the World Cup semi-finals

The quarter-finals came to an end on July 7, with Brazil shockingly leaving the tournament early after suffering a defeat at the hands of Belgium. The semi-finals are now set to begin on July 10 and teams which will be playing include England and Belgium. France and England will play against each other at the semi-finals: England progressed from the quarter-finals to the semi-finals with a very good performance against Sweden, whilst France reached the next phase of the tournament by beating out Uruguay.

The current star of the tournament, in my outlook, is England – it has reached the semi-finals following a disastrous performance in the last World Cup, where it could not even make it to the knockout stage. But a tragedy could lie in store for the team at the semi-finals: France did not get a chance to play against any top-ranking team in this tournament, until reaching the Round of 16; when it did get the chance to play against good teams (Uruguay and Argentina), it spectacularly delivered wins. So, going by France’s winning streak against good teams, what the match against England could tragically result in is a big defeat for England after coming this far, unless maybe if a stroke of luck manages to turn the tide in England’s favor – in this tournament, England had played against only one good team (Belgium) and lost. Meanwhile, Belgium is going to be up against Croatia – a low-ranking team, and that is not a very equal competition. I think because of that it would be safe to forecast that Belgium have already earned a safe seat for itself at the finals.

Summer Colors

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What kind of color to wear in the summer?

What can be deemed as a good color for summer? A good color for the summer can be deemed as a color which does not make you feel extremely hot when you wear it. That means, always avoid dark colors during the summer and opt for light colors instead because dark colors soak up heat. So, if you wear that type of color, for example: black, in the summer, then you will feel extremely hot and uncomfortable. Some examples of light colors include: light green, baby blue, baby pink, lavender, peach and beige; these colors should be included in your wardrobe.

Protests planned for Donald Trump’s visit to the UK

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A march and the flying of a giant balloon are two types of protests that have been planned for the visit

A giant balloon very funnily caricaturing Donald Trump as a big baby wearing diapers is supposed to fly close to the British parliament in London on the day of his visit to the United Kingdom. The big balloon aims to act as a form of protest against the American President, who has been labeled as a racist and a hazard to vulnerable groups, such as members of the weaker sex, by the organizers of the event.

President Trump is scheduled to visit the United Kingdom on the 13th of July and the floating balloon is not the only type of planned protest against the visit – another protest in the form of a march, called Stop Trump, is also going to take place in London, with thousands marching against an unprogressive President. It does not appear as if the protests are going to cause an impact on the President at all but what these protests certainly do, in my outlook, is highlight that Trump is shockingly a deeply unpopular visiting President to the United Kingdom.

Round Of 16 Ends For The World Cup

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The quarter-finals start on 6th July and Brazil appears indomitable

The Round of 16 phase of the knockout stage at the World Cup has concluded: in my outlook, the only shock exit during this phase was that of Argentina, as great teams like Brazil and France, qualified for the quarter-finals in a very hard-fought environment. However, given that the type of teams which were set against each other, apart from Brazil, results-wise, the performances of top teams, once more, surprisingly lacked excitement and big defeats.

It is quite hard to say what lies in store at the quarter-finals because almost all of the top teams have had such a varying level of performance in the World Cup, so far – Brazil is actually the only team to have displayed indomitability during this tournament. Star performers for the knockout stage were: Kylian Mbappe (France) and Edinson Cavani (Uruguay) and the matches to watch for probable excitement at the quarter-finals are: Brazil vs. Belgium and Uruguay vs. France.

Fourth of July Celebration Ideas

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How to celebrate the Fourth of July in your house

Fourth of July is day that the United States became independent. There are several ways which you can celebrate to mark the occasion without leaving the comfort of your home. Provided that you have a garden or backyard and would like to have some company (friends or family members) during the holiday, you can host a barbecue on the day: grill tomatoes, cucumber, potatoes, onions and pork chops in your garden or backyard and serve to guests with your choice of table dressings; if you would rather make something sweet then you can bake different types of patriotic cakes, such as a coffee cake or a butter cake and top it with colored marzipan squares in shades of red, white and blue.

If you are feeling lazy on your day off and just not interested in entertaining but would still like to do something fun to celebrate Independence Day, then you can get crafty; make a patriotic vase: firstly, buy an old vase from the flea market, secondly, color it with acrylic enamel paint – pick Craftamo Acrylic Paints (available at Amazon), in the colors of the American flag, and finally add water to the vase and use the vase to store a newly bought bouquet of flowers in your house.

Fourth of July

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The story behind a national holiday in the United States

The Fourth of July is the day that the United States of America became an independent country and ceased to be a colony of Britain. What culminated in the independence of the North American country were disagreements between American colonists and the British; the disagreements had resulted in the outbreak of war which ended with an independent country when America accepted the Declaration of Independence on July 4 in around the mid-18th century. The day has been a holiday in the United States for over seventy years now. It is celebrated with a spectacular display of fireworks by the American retail company Macy’s, every year in New York but as an American you can take part in the celebrations yourself in your own house in many ways, such as baking a chocolate cake featuring the colors of the flag of the United States in colored buttercream swirls atop the cake.

Group Stage Ends For The World Cup

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The first part of the World Cup ends and it appears as if, excitement-wise, things might just spectacularly turn around for it

For the 2018 World Cup, the first section of matches has concluded: only sixteen teams have qualified for the next stage – the knockout stage. After largely lackluster beginnings for the World Cup, Belgium, Brazil and England were amazingly among the teams to make it to the knockout stage, with the only shock exit from the tournament so far being that of last year’s cup bearer – Germany. In my outlook, when you have so many talented teams play successively at the pitch, it is quite hard to comprehend just which team(s) will progress onto the next phase – the quarter-finals, but at least now the forthcoming matches appear as if they are going to be hard-fought in a very grandly competitive environment. Some matches to watch for probable excitement: Uruguay vs. Portugal, Sweden vs. Switzerland and France vs. Argentina.