Fourth of July Celebration Ideas

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How to celebrate the Fourth of July in your house

Fourth of July is day that the United States became independent. There are several ways which you can celebrate to mark the occasion without leaving the comfort of your home. Provided that you have a garden or backyard and would like to have some company (friends or family members) during the holiday, you can host a barbecue on the day: grill tomatoes, cucumber, potatoes, onions and pork chops in your garden or backyard and serve to guests with your choice of table dressings; if you would rather make something sweet then you can bake different types of patriotic cakes, such as a coffee cake or a butter cake and top it with colored marzipan squares in shades of red, white and blue.

If you are feeling lazy on your day off and just not interested in entertaining but would still like to do something fun to celebrate Independence Day, then you can get crafty; make a patriotic vase: firstly, buy an old vase from the flea market, secondly, color it with acrylic enamel paint – pick Craftamo Acrylic Paints (available at Amazon), in the colors of the American flag, and finally add water to the vase and use the vase to store a newly bought bouquet of flowers in your house.


Amusement Parks

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An amusement park is an ideal way to enjoy an idle weekend

Going to an amusement park over the weekend can only mean having a very fun experience – a trip to it will give you the chance to make good memories for a lifetime. What an amusement park can offer, in terms of entertainment, is really varied: whilst at these type of parks, you can ride the rollercoaster, try to drive a bumper car, meet live-size figures of your favorite cartoon characters and eat copious amounts of cotton candy. What you will be left with by the time you have to head back home from the amusement park in the evening is the desire to repeat that experience in the next weekend – now if only, contemporary life could leave you with a little more time for a change to actually do that.

Bichon Frise

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What type of dog is the Bichon Frise?

The Bichon Frise is a friendly, loving and bright dog. It is a French dog that is tiny in size and has plenty of white fur. They are not aggressive animals at all and that is why they would make good pets. But keeping it as a pet can be a bit of work because it needs a good amount exercise and regular grooming of its white fur. Also, it is important to note that the Bichon Frise is an ideal match as a pet for a person who likes to keep a pet that is rather possessive about their master.

World Cup Souvenirs

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The best souvenirs of the international tournament

The 2018 World Cup is being held in Russia. With teams from around the world competing for the cup, this summer has without a doubt turned into one that belongs to football. It is also a very good time to bring home a souvenir of the championship. Top picks:

2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Plush Mascot
A very cute plush of the mascot for the World Cup: Zabivaka; he is a football-carrying wolf who can wear goggles.

Adidas Telstar 18 World Cup Glider Soccer Ball
A training ball that is a model of the match ball for the championship; pick the bright orange one.

2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Premium Pennant
A flag celebrating the football championship – it features symbols of Russia in colors like red and green, against a decorated background in blue.

2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Ball
I liked the color combination of this football – it celebrates the game with prints such as a score in a match, the pitch and football shoes.


Playing with Dolls

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Playing with dolls is a really creative hobby

A great idea for a hobby can be playing with dolls. It is a really creative game because you are always on the lookout for inventing several playtime scenarios for your doll. Dolls can actually keep you entertained for hours on end and as the latest fashion models in the market from brands such as Barbie prove, there is a great variety of dolls to choose from to play with: for example, a mermaid doll and an ice skater doll. But only a basic doll is sufficient to create a fun-filled play environment with.

There are many stories which you can creatively caricature for your doll and then make that story come to life by pretending that your doll is the protagonist in it and enacting that tale with it. Start by giving your doll a name and then play through stories like: your doll is a lost gardener in a fairy tale, or a teacher that teaches talking household objects, or a race car driver.

If you love fashion too much, then you can also have around a small wardrobe for your doll; with it, do numerous outfit changes for your doll and have it display the latest fashions, such as a sleeveless belted midi dress or an off-the-shoulder mini dress. You can also get another doll to widen the choices of creative playtime scenarios, for example: your doll could go on a road trip with her friend – a boy doll.


Why Eat Fruits

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How to resist temptation to switch fruits with sweets in your daily meals

You are taught at a very young age that you must always eat the right fruits to grow up healthy and strong. But when temptation lurks in every corner in the form of fried sweets and sweet breads (for example: chocolate bread), what to do? It does not sound like an idea worth trying out: exchange fresh fruits for a Chelsea bun and also lots of churros.

What you can do in moments such as these where the temptation to deviate from that healthy outlook is just too strong is improvise a little bit for your health. Now, I know that idea sounds even worse than the previous one, but can a donut really solve all your problems when it looks that mangoes really can? It really does not and fruits not only provide you with the regular vitamins you need, they do not actually taste bad.

I think that if you widen your taste palette, then it will get easier to avoid temptation to sneak in that hot cross bun you bought yesterday from your favorite bread store because you will think twice before choosing it over a banana. And if, like me, you just always cannot eat fruits completely raw then mix it with your favorite daily drink, such as tea or hot milk, and pretty soon you will find that you can no longer remember that bun.

The Future Queen

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How to decorate a child’s bedroom in a really dreamy way

A young girl’s bedroom is so much more than a room for a child to sleep and have pleasant dreams in. The bedroom is also meant to look like a fairy tale that has come true and the easiest way to decorate one to be so is to select furniture pieces which round the clock create a dreamy atmosphere.

Blythe Carriage Bed at Pottery Barn Kids
A titanic-sized bed with an upholstered design – the bed is majestic enough to make a child feel like she is so fit to be a queen someday.

Faux Sheepskin Heart Area Rug at Project Nursery
A soft rug of faux sheepskin; choose the pink colored one to place it at the foot of the bed – it will add a further luxurious feel to the child’s bedroom.

Paris (Oil Painting) at Artfinder
An impressionistic oil painting of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, which has a beautiful use of colors; hang it on the wall to channel a love for France in a mesmerizing manner.

KidKraft Belle Enchanted Dollhouse at Toys R’ Us
A very colorful dollhouse that is almost a mini replica of the classic Disney movie: Beauty and the Beast. The dollhouse is just perfect for a little girl to play with: it has two balconies and an intimidating golden-colored staircase, and also features the characters Lumiere and her wardrobe, the Enchanted Rose and richly done up walls.

The In-Laws In The Contemporary Age

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What the in-laws should be like for a modern wife

In the contemporary age, the concept of marriage is no longer the same for a woman, as it used to be in the past. But the concept of in-laws, which comes with a marriage, is still pretty much the same. Although, the concept of a woman has also changed over time (for example: a woman can nowadays actually be more powerful than men), the fact that this thought of marrying a man’s family along with him still prevails, in my outlook, is a perfectly good reason to never want to get married.

It is really tough to comprehend that just because a marriage might bring plenty of changes to a modern woman’s life that the changes must be very annoying; when there is a demanding or a dominating woman in the picture, then it is even more important that the changes be welcoming. So, these changes cannot involve the idea of her in-laws interrupting a marriage randomly, such as by requesting the woman to regularly visit them in the same way she very happily always visits her mother after the marriage, even if that idea clashes with what they have always had in mind over what a traditional daughter-in-law should be like for them; I think it is really difficult to come across in-laws who do not act as if they are supremely important figures in a relationship when they aren’t.

It is thus, high time that people’s idea of what a traditional daughter-in-law is changes and adapts to fit a relationship and benefit it, rather than pose as a problem that can easily be evaded by simply just never getting married at all. In my perspective, what would really help a woman escape such a scenario in a marriage is if she acts wisely over selecting a man to marry: if the woman is just particular about the type of family her boyfriend will bring around if she was to, in the future, marry him then it should be possible for her to avoid most of the problems that in-laws could bring to a marriage in modern times.

The Ideal Man

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Why an ideal man is worth spending time thinking over

Every woman’s definition of an ideal man varies; what might be attractive to one person, does not necessarily always have to be attractive to another. Some examples of qualities in a man that sound really attractive are: tall, loyal, dark, sympathetic, kind, industrious, understanding, funny and handsome. There are just far too many qualities in the world to choose from but I think whilst caricaturing this idea of the perfect man in your mind a woman must really stop after carefully picking out a fair few number of points just so that she does not become this woman who is posing to be an imperfect catch because of her desire to sleep around a lot.

The scenario is quite similar to what a woman might experience if she grows interested in dating a womanizer because he is that type of a man who might never commit. If you just take a look at their sexual history or their number of girlfriends (that might even crazily cross fifty), as a woman you do get this feeling from them that if you were dating a womanizer then there can never be any guarantee that the eligible bachelor’s eye might not wander to someone ridiculous. This is because sleeping around seems a bigger catch to a womanizer sometimes than a relationship with an attractive woman. Seriously, how much pulling power can a man have when he seems to be flitting from relationships with great women fast? I would like to think not a lot because a perfect man like that is supposed to only date great women and yet, relationships constantly keep failing between two perfect people; it could be because a womanizer is in the picture and someone unworthy has caught the man’s eye.

So when you just caricature in your mind with some basics of the type that your ideal man should be then when you share that piece of information (perhaps on a date), you come across as the perfect catch. If life makes it so that you have to change your mind about that type which your ideal man should be like, then you can easily to do that because not everybody can just afford to be so sure about everything all the time.

Why Have A Baby?

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A baby can really change your life for the better in so many ways

For many women, having a baby means the world because as women they have perhaps always loved children too much. Ideally, what a child can provide is a lot: from a lively environment at home to having the same lifestyle as some of your friends, having a child can really brighten up your days. It is a good thing in life to want to have children of your own and if, like me, you are also part of that rare breed of women who never wanted to have kids and, unlike me, you can really find it in yourself to change your mind then having a baby can also really improve the bond that you share with your partner. Too many men these days seem to want children of their own someday so even if your boyfriend does not seem like he would get easily convinced that a romantic relationship should be heading towards a marriage without babies in the picture then perhaps having a baby is really the best solution to maintaining that relationship. It is simply some minor adjustments and nothing else and maybe a baby can really bring out the child in your romantic partner (after the marriage) just like the good old days – sometimes in a long-term relationship it happens that the man has grown too comfortable in it to desire to make any effort with himself any longer.