Black For Evening Parties

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The best black dresses to get for summer evening parties

The idea of wearing black dresses at evening parties during the summer sounds hard to pull off because summer is a hot season. But sometimes acting impractical and occasionally choosing black for evenings is really the best thing to do when the idea of never wearing black for an entire season sounds far harder to follow through with.

Balmain ruched mini dress at Farfetch
I like this short dress because it has both a fitted and a see-through design; wear a simple black bra inside the dress and accessorize the look with a pair of black pumps.

Cutout Trim Maxi Dress at Topshop
A very long black dress that has cuts in places and also a glittering detail on the neckline + at the back; accessorize the dress with a pair of black high heels to look provocative for the night.

Temperley London Mosaico off-the-shoulder embellished chiffon midi dress at Net-a-Porter
This black chiffon dress has beads, a one-shoulder neckline and an asymmetric hemline; accessorize the dress with a pair of strappy sandals and wear it to an evening garden party.

Black and silver ruched front dress at River Island
This nice long-sleeved dress that has a ruched detailing at the front is perfect to wear when the weather turns unexpectedly chilly; accessorize the dress with a pair of black kitten heels and wear it to a dinner party.



Summer Colors

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What kind of color to wear in the summer?

What can be deemed as a good color for summer? A good color for the summer can be deemed as a color which does not make you feel extremely hot when you wear it. That means, always avoid dark colors during the summer and opt for light colors instead because dark colors soak up heat. So, if you wear that type of color, for example: black, in the summer, then you will feel extremely hot and uncomfortable. Some examples of light colors include: light green, baby blue, baby pink, lavender, peach and beige; these colors should be included in your wardrobe.

A Trip To The Carnival

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What to wear on an evening trip to a carnival

Going to a carnival during the night with friends sounds like the perfect opportunity to enjoy all the excitement it offers. Riding a Ferris wheel, eating fried pickles, winning at ring toss and running away from the kissing booth, are just some of the great experiences which you can have at a carnival. To it, choose a look that will both help you walk around with ease and is also ideally suited to the summer weather.

Rosie Assoulin Check Wrap Blouse at Browns Fashion
The crop top has a wrap design, a black, red and blue chequered style, and also flaunts beautiful architectural sleeves – very elaborate but still non-dressy.

Andrea Ya’aqov v-back cami top at Farfetch
A white-colored top in the style of a camisole – it is just perfect to wear underneath the crop top for a put together look.

Burberry Equestrian Knight Embroidered Tulle Skirt at Farfetch
A nude skirt that has silver-color Burberry Sport logos on its sheer surface; the skirt is quite nonchalant and ornate.

Sophia Webster Rosalind 100 Gem PVC Sandals at Browns Fashion
The straps of the black sandals are transparent but features colorful embellishments so it is perfect to wear to a carnival to make the trip a fashion occasion to remember.

Fashion as Art

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Art is not just about brushstrokes any longer because fashion has elevated it to another mode of creativity

Fashion can also be regarded as a form of art. It isn’t just wearable fashion which have a good capacity of artistic expression because adverts of important fashion labels do that too. Also, sometimes in women’s magazines, elaborate fashion editorials get published where you get to see models evocatively posing in the latest fashions from the greatest brands – that is another unique type of fashion expression, where, I feel, that the focus should always be on the great items, more than the woman who models them because those editorials, even though they look quite odd to me most of the time, are good avenues of catching a glimpse of handsome clothes and accessories. As with any art, appreciating fashion as a type of art requires a keen eye, which happens when, like me, you soak in that cultural environment a lot because you just find fashion too irresistible to tear yourself apart from it for far too long.

Personal Styles

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Why uniqueness is a quality in a woman’s personal style that should be celebrated

Most women, if celebrities are taken as fashion reference points, I would like to think probably like to have personal styles that are very different from my very own personal style, which is really sultry more than anything else. Whether it is dressing like a boy with womenswear or wearing clothes that are rather girlishly reserved in outlook (even when looking provocative is thrown into the picture), their idea of fashion seems to be on an entirely different level from mine.

I like to, most definitely, always warm to the idea of entirely avoiding selecting clothes that look like they are meant for boys really because they only have a slight (or second rate) feminist influence to them but when it comes to looking unemotional what personally appeals to me is the idea of clothes which help to portray that sentiment. Ideally, that would mean a dress that was conservatively cut but still had a sense of provocativeness to it – this fashion balance could be maintained perhaps with a midi dress because it has long sleeves and a seriously high neckline. But I love it when women stick to their personal styles, no matter what they are, because those styles are worth celebrating given that those personal ideas of fashion are really what makes them so unique.

The Perfect Jewelry Box

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Where to store your jewelry? Look no further from a nice jewelry box

Finding somewhere to keep your jewelry looks like a tedious experience because there is always this concern at the back of your head that your precious jewels must never lose their shine and sparkle. That is where a good jewelry box comes to your aid and having one around is quite a different kind of fashionable experience in itself.

Madison Fabric Jewelry Collection at Pottery Barn
The handmade jewelry box boasts of interiors composed of faux suede and exteriors of cotton + grosgrain; it’s minimalist and really practical in nature.

Pine & Iron Wall-Mounted Jewelry Hanger at Pottery Barn
A rack to hang your jewelry on instead of weathered coats? What an innovative idea! This hanger is manufactured from mango wood + aluminum and I liked that it is a blend of old worldliness with contemporary functionality.

Glass Cloche Jewelry Storage at Pottery Barn
A bell jar is a good choice if you are too particular about protecting your jewelry from dust particles (in the air). There are three options here: one for rings, another for bracelets and another one for necklaces; also, the glass cloche comes in two colors – the brass finish can really spectacularly add some glamour to your home.

Antique Gold Jewelry Boxes at Pottery Barn
This jewelry box makes your jewelry look like it belongs in a really old museum or in a jewelry shop because it is see-through and has a liner covered in ivory linen; also, there is an ornate filigree design on the trims of the box – it’s great for proudly displaying your jewelry.

The Nonchalant Look

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What to wear to look nonchalant

Appearing nonchalant definitely doesn’t come easy; it takes a little bit of effort to look very relaxed but still uncomfortably good.

Prada Printed Jersey T-shirt at Net-a-Porter

A white cotton t-shirt featuring an illustration of a woman that has been done up in a comic book style, Prada’s idea of casual is youthful enough to inject a sense of carelessness.

R13 Kate Distressed Low-rise Skinny Jeans at Net-a-Porter

A really tight-fitting pair of black jeans, with slashed off cuffs give off a bad girl vibe, that being grossly indifferent brings about.

Vetements Oversized Hooded Checked Cotton-Flannel Jacket at Net-a-Porter

The (hooded) red flannel jacket features a remarkable ‘archived patch’ (of the label) at the front and also boasts a belt at the waist but what really makes the jacket particularly striking is that it looks like it has been borrowed from the boys.

Sophia Webster Soleil Laser-Cut Leather Sandals at Net-a-Porter

Monochrome and heeled, the sandals are made of patent leather and features really lush ruffles at the front that also has a laser-cut design; it’s just splendid to add a good dose of femininity to an otherwise difficult look to wear on most casual occasions.

Red + Contrasts

For spring, contrasting colors are a great way to remain bountifully colorful

The color red is always dependable. Because the color itself is bold, there isn’t any particular need really to accessorize heavily, which also makes wearing the color a simpler experience than wearing other shades. Throw in a good dose of contrast to the color red and the experience is even richer than what plain reds have to offer.

Staud Dusk cotton-blend dress

This poplin dress in contrasting colors of red and white has a simple button-down design at the front and thin white straps too – it’s perfect for sunny landscapes; wear it with a pair of golden sandals.

Vetements Contrast-panel polka-dot silk dress

The red dress is quite eccentric in design: red contrasts with black + white, to add a stylish outlook to a dress made for a woman with a youthful character; the highlight of the dress has to be the dark overlay at the back.

Haider Ackermann Draped contrast knit dress

Long + slim, the dress has a beautiful red-colored drape across the back. The red + white color contrast is also interesting, and not least for its pairing with an edgy neckline; wear the dress with a pair of peep toe sandals.

Miu Miu Scoop-neck embroidered organza dress

Embroidery that glitters: beads + crystals make the red + black organza dress, evening-ready; wear the beautiful dress with a pair of black high heels.