Round Of 16 Ends For The World Cup

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The quarter-finals start on 6th July and Brazil appears indomitable

The Round of 16 phase of the knockout stage at the World Cup has concluded: in my outlook, the only shock exit during this phase was that of Argentina, as great teams like Brazil and France, qualified for the quarter-finals in a very hard-fought environment. However, given that the type of teams which were set against each other, apart from Brazil, results-wise, the performances of top teams, once more, surprisingly lacked excitement and big defeats.

It is quite hard to say what lies in store at the quarter-finals because almost all of the top teams have had such a varying level of performance in the World Cup, so far – Brazil is actually the only team to have displayed indomitability during this tournament. Star performers for the knockout stage were: Kylian Mbappe (France) and Edinson Cavani (Uruguay) and the matches to watch for probable excitement at the quarter-finals are: Brazil vs. Belgium and Uruguay vs. France.


Fourth of July Celebration Ideas

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How to celebrate the Fourth of July in your house

Fourth of July is day that the United States became independent. There are several ways which you can celebrate to mark the occasion without leaving the comfort of your home. Provided that you have a garden or backyard and would like to have some company (friends or family members) during the holiday, you can host a barbecue on the day: grill tomatoes, cucumber, potatoes, onions and pork chops in your garden or backyard and serve to guests with your choice of table dressings; if you would rather make something sweet then you can bake different types of patriotic cakes, such as a coffee cake or a butter cake and top it with colored marzipan squares in shades of red, white and blue.

If you are feeling lazy on your day off and just not interested in entertaining but would still like to do something fun to celebrate Independence Day, then you can get crafty; make a patriotic vase: firstly, buy an old vase from the flea market, secondly, color it with acrylic enamel paint – pick Craftamo Acrylic Paints (available at Amazon), in the colors of the American flag, and finally add water to the vase and use the vase to store a newly bought bouquet of flowers in your house.

Fourth of July

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The story behind a national holiday in the United States

The Fourth of July is the day that the United States of America became an independent country and ceased to be a colony of Britain. What culminated in the independence of the North American country were disagreements between American colonists and the British; the disagreements had resulted in the outbreak of war which ended with an independent country when America accepted the Declaration of Independence on July 4 in around the mid-18th century. The day has been a holiday in the United States for over seventy years now. It is celebrated with a spectacular display of fireworks by the American retail company Macy’s, every year in New York but as an American you can take part in the celebrations yourself in your own house in many ways, such as baking a chocolate cake featuring the colors of the flag of the United States in colored buttercream swirls atop the cake.

Group Stage Ends For The World Cup

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The first part of the World Cup ends and it appears as if, excitement-wise, things might just spectacularly turn around for it

For the 2018 World Cup, the first section of matches has concluded: only sixteen teams have qualified for the next stage – the knockout stage. After largely lackluster beginnings for the World Cup, Belgium, Brazil and England were amazingly among the teams to make it to the knockout stage, with the only shock exit from the tournament so far being that of last year’s cup bearer – Germany. In my outlook, when you have so many talented teams play successively at the pitch, it is quite hard to comprehend just which team(s) will progress onto the next phase – the quarter-finals, but at least now the forthcoming matches appear as if they are going to be hard-fought in a very grandly competitive environment. Some matches to watch for probable excitement: Uruguay vs. Portugal, Sweden vs. Switzerland and France vs. Argentina.

Women and Welfare

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Which country is the most unsafe for women?

A new probe by the Thomson Reuters Foundation has found that some countries are safer than others for women. When it comes to ranking nations based on numerous types of sexual violence targeting women, the poll is controversial in nature because it seems to be based on knowledge of such incidents increasingly made available and that would show a biased assessment; given that the cultures of few nations (where inequality for women is rampant) would make it very tough to reveal on incidents of that type, the assessment should really not be taken overtly seriously.

But other than that the ranking seems to be a fine indicator of where certain developing nations stand for garnering women the right to safety on their own soil: India topped the probe this year, as it performed horrifically over problems of ‘human trafficking’, ‘culture & religion’ and ‘sexual violence’. Surprisingly, United States made the list at the bottom end, primarily for its problems with tackling ‘sexual violence’, as other lesser developed countries like Nigeria and Pakistan fared better in that particular area.

Meanwhile, two predominantly Muslim countries provided interesting results: Afghanistan came in second because of problems of ‘discrimination’, ‘health’ and ‘non-sexual violence’, whilst Saudi Arabia showed serious problems of ‘discrimination’. When you compare this to findings from Syria, where sexual violence is one of the primary reasons why the country is so unsafe for women, in my outlook, it shows that a wide-presence of conservative cultures (even when conflict is present in a country) do not always act as a barrier to garnering safety for women and thus, there is scope for improvement, which should be utilized, even when the picture looks rather bleak.

The Breakfast Talk

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It is early morning and Cow has just had his breakfast: cereal with some portions of sliced apples and fresh milk. He has grown really tired of contemplating just when robbers will come to rob his palace. He has made Noir work very hard for this over the last few days: she has been spending sleepless nights going through one plan after another with the kingdom’s swordsmen so that they can pounce on the robbers the moment that they come to the palace to get their hands on the king’s riches.

Turmeric: Okay, so what I am going to do is…I will make sure that I keep my eyes wide open and myself without some sleep for just a few more days before I quit waiting and waiting and more waiting for some exciting action to happen but nothing.
Cow (roars): Wait a little longer!
Turmeric: But I can’t! I would like to do something else!
Prince Eric (interrupts): Cow, can we have something else for breakfast tomorrow? I would like to change the menu to something salty, especially for Noir. We have not spoken a lot since you received that message from Butros. But I think she will like the change.
Cow: What salty food did you want to include for the breakfast plan?
Prince Eric: I was thinking sandwiches with tomatoes, carrots and onions.
Noir: Yuck! How much more vegetables will you make me eat?
Turmeric (exclaims): Noir! You missed breakfast again! I refrigerated yours…I will bring it to the table for you.
Noir: Thanks! I will…
Prince Eric: Why don’t you just come and sit next to me at the table. I think it’s good to have a change for what we eat, Noir.
Noir: Well, I don’t.
Cow: Me neither. Prince Eric, is your surname Cabbage? Because it might as well be since you keep asserting that eating vegetables three times a day now will be better than eating something sweet for one of our meals.

Amusement Parks

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An amusement park is an ideal way to enjoy an idle weekend

Going to an amusement park over the weekend can only mean having a very fun experience – a trip to it will give you the chance to make good memories for a lifetime. What an amusement park can offer, in terms of entertainment, is really varied: whilst at these type of parks, you can ride the rollercoaster, try to drive a bumper car, meet live-size figures of your favorite cartoon characters and eat copious amounts of cotton candy. What you will be left with by the time you have to head back home from the amusement park in the evening is the desire to repeat that experience in the next weekend – now if only, contemporary life could leave you with a little more time for a change to actually do that.

Bichon Frise

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What type of dog is the Bichon Frise?

The Bichon Frise is a friendly, loving and bright dog. It is a French dog that is tiny in size and has plenty of white fur. They are not aggressive animals at all and that is why they would make good pets. But keeping it as a pet can be a bit of work because it needs a good amount exercise and regular grooming of its white fur. Also, it is important to note that the Bichon Frise is an ideal match as a pet for a person who likes to keep a pet that is rather possessive about their master.

World Cup Souvenirs

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The best souvenirs of the international tournament

The 2018 World Cup is being held in Russia. With teams from around the world competing for the cup, this summer has without a doubt turned into one that belongs to football. It is also a very good time to bring home a souvenir of the championship. Top picks:

2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Plush Mascot
A very cute plush of the mascot for the World Cup: Zabivaka; he is a football-carrying wolf who can wear goggles.

Adidas Telstar 18 World Cup Glider Soccer Ball
A training ball that is a model of the match ball for the championship; pick the bright orange one.

2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Premium Pennant
A flag celebrating the football championship – it features symbols of Russia in colors like red and green, against a decorated background in blue.

2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Ball
I liked the color combination of this football – it celebrates the game with prints such as a score in a match, the pitch and football shoes.


Why This World Cup Somewhat Disenchants

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The tournament had a great opening ceremony but the results mostly weren’t exciting

The World Cup kicked off on the 14th of June in Russia with an opening ceremony in Moscow: the ceremony wondrously included a performance of ‘Let Me Entertain You’ by Robbie Williams and a major appearance by former Brazilian footballer Ronaldo. But the match results in the group stage until now reveal a story mostly of disappointments and shock, rather than awe. Over the last nine days, numerous teams have been out to play in various cities, from St. Petersburg to Volgograd, but the teams to lookout for – the top ranking ones, score-wise didn’t always perform to expectations.

The biggest shock, in my view, was when the current cup-bearer: Germany lost spectacularly to a low ranking team with a 0-1 result. This loss is almost giving off the feeling that, in spite of being the winning team during the last tournament, score-wise the football team might not be able to repeat the great performance this year which it had exhibited in 2014. On the other hand, some of its fellow European teams did better:

  • Portugal: a 0-1 result, a 1-0 result and a 3-3 result
  • France: a 2-1 result and a 1-0 result
  • Uruguay: a 1-0 result,
  • Spain: a 1-0 result,
  • England: a 2-0 result

Also, Argentina and Brazil really disappointed because they got caught up with a tie for a score.

So far, it appears that the attraction of the tournament without a doubt is Belgium which had managed to anchor a resounding victory with a 3-0 result. In my perspective, the players to really watch this tournament are Luis Suarez (Uruguay), Paul Pogba (France), Romelu Lukaku (Belgium) and Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal). But as far as the tournament itself goes, I think that because of the largely dispiriting scores it is still quite difficult to totally zero in on which team could go on to win the cup.