A Good Boy

Embed from Getty Images

Noir and Turmeric are sitting in the palace garden and sipping warm drinks plus talking about Prince Eric; Noir is drinking a mug of hot cocoa and Turmeric is having a cup of tea.

Turmeric: I wish to see a fairy tale happen in real life. That is why I want Prince Eric to marry a great woman. I am not so sure I can say goodbye to the desire to see that wish becoming true someday.
Noir: But aren’t you putting too much pressure on him?
Turmeric: What? No! I am not! Eric is a really good boy. He should not get involved with a woman who does not want to have a career of her own.
Noir: Yeah, Eric really is a good boy!
Turmeric: And he is a Prince! He just cannot do things which ordinary young men can do! A Prince must marry a great woman!
Noir: Yeah! Good luck explaining all that to him!


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