Ink Talks To Harmony

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It is a sunny day. Ink is sitting on an upturned basket inside a shop at the market with three vegetable sandwiches on her lap. She had an argument with that nasty woman in the morning again, so she is at the market to talk to a friend regarding it, who works there – her name is Harmony. Ink and Harmony became friends because of their grandfathers; Harmony’s grandfather sells the harvest from Ink’s family farm at his shop – it is where Harmony works. Harmony is sitting on the floor next to Ink. She has just listened to Ink’s story on the nasty woman and she is unable to control her rage.

Harmony: So, why does your mother not say anything to this woman every time she behaves rude with you?
Ink: The woman is her relative and my mother told me that she is just like that – very rude and just plain horrible, and there is not a thing I can do regarding that.
Harmony: But the woman is wrong and…
Ink: My mother knows that. But you know my mother is powerless to stop the woman from behaving rude with me. You know, my mother is really soft-spoken and the woman is just always rude. Also, the nasty woman is like four times my mother’s size and she has eight children who are just as big and foul as her. And then there are others in my mother’s family who is just like that foul woman. How can one woman and one little girl do something against so many foul people?
Harmony: What about your grandfather?
Ink: My grandfather, for a start, is so old, you know. So, if I had asked him to do something regarding the woman and the people you know he cannot because it is still going to be only three people against a lot of nasty people. All of the foul woman’s kids are also married to people who are just as nasty and from nasty families too. How can only three people put a stop to this much nastiness – we are quite clearly outnumbered.
Harmony: I understand.
Ink: Is it alright if I just sit here quietly and eat my sandwiches? I am not in a very good mood today and really don’t feel like going back home.
Harmony: Sure! I am just going to get back to work now. I need to shelve a lot of vegetables today.
Ink: Alright!

Five minutes pass…

Ink (thinks to herself): I think I will save one vegetable sandwich for Dimitri. If I drop by his house and give him a sandwich, I think he will really like it. But first I must let Harmony know I am leaving for Dimitri’s home now.