Round Of 16 Ends For The World Cup

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The quarter-finals start on 6th July and Brazil appears indomitable

The Round of 16 phase of the knockout stage at the World Cup has concluded: in my outlook, the only shock exit during this phase was that of Argentina, as great teams like Brazil and France, qualified for the quarter-finals in a very hard-fought environment. However, given that the type of teams which were set against each other, apart from Brazil, results-wise, the performances of top teams, once more, surprisingly lacked excitement and big defeats.

It is quite hard to say what lies in store at the quarter-finals because almost all of the top teams have had such a varying level of performance in the World Cup, so far – Brazil is actually the only team to have displayed indomitability during this tournament. Star performers for the knockout stage were: Kylian Mbappe (France) and Edinson Cavani (Uruguay) and the matches to watch for probable excitement at the quarter-finals are: Brazil vs. Belgium and Uruguay vs. France.