Fourth of July Celebration Ideas

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How to celebrate the Fourth of July in your house

Fourth of July is day that the United States became independent. There are several ways which you can celebrate to mark the occasion without leaving the comfort of your home. Provided that you have a garden or backyard and would like to have some company (friends or family members) during the holiday, you can host a barbecue on the day: grill tomatoes, cucumber, potatoes, onions and pork chops in your garden or backyard and serve to guests with your choice of table dressings; if you would rather make something sweet then you can bake different types of patriotic cakes, such as a coffee cake or a butter cake and top it with colored marzipan squares in shades of red, white and blue.

If you are feeling lazy on your day off and just not interested in entertaining but would still like to do something fun to celebrate Independence Day, then you can get crafty; make a patriotic vase: firstly, buy an old vase from the flea market, secondly, color it with acrylic enamel paint – pick Craftamo Acrylic Paints (available at Amazon), in the colors of the American flag, and finally add water to the vase and use the vase to store a newly bought bouquet of flowers in your house.


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