Personal Styles

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Why uniqueness is a quality in a woman’s personal style that should be celebrated

Most women, if celebrities are taken as fashion reference points, I would like to think probably like to have personal styles that are very different from my very own personal style, which is really sultry more than anything else. Whether it is dressing like a boy with womenswear or wearing clothes that are rather girlishly reserved in outlook (even when looking provocative is thrown into the picture), their idea of fashion seems to be on an entirely different level from mine.

I like to, most definitely, always warm to the idea of entirely avoiding selecting clothes that look like they are meant for boys really because they only have a slight (or second rate) feminist influence to them but when it comes to looking unemotional what personally appeals to me is the idea of clothes which help to portray that sentiment. Ideally, that would mean a dress that was conservatively cut but still had a sense of provocativeness to it – this fashion balance could be maintained perhaps with a midi dress because it has long sleeves and a seriously high neckline. But I love it when women stick to their personal styles, no matter what they are, because those styles are worth celebrating given that those personal ideas of fashion are really what makes them so unique.


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