The Middle Class & Bollywood

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Films in Bollywood often depict the middle class family structure very well. The middle class family in India can be described as typically a middle-income household, which may or may not be home to a joint family (plus, all the troubles that bring because some of the members of that family are people with really bad characters) and the daily struggles that life brings in issues such as romantic relationships.

Films such as English Vinglish, Udaan, The Lunchbox and Do Dooni Char, had put the spotlight on the middle class family in India and what it feels like to be a part of that family arrangement. But what is really needed is for the films to get a little bit more realistic with the depiction of the challenges in life that begets middle class people. Very often, it’s the opposite: it is people that are rich, who are portrayed as having tragically experienced struggles in life, such as in the film Devdas – the son of a rich man is forbidden his love. But that is too narrow of a portrayal of the Indian idea of challenges in life, when a majority of the Indian population are either poor or middle class; honestly, in my opinion, a much greater priority should be attached to the truer Indian story in Bollywood.


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