The Break

Capsule Review

Marian Keyes’ latest novel is a wonderful story about two people, who have been together for a very long time, but then suddenly take a break from the relationship. The two protagonists in the story, Amy and Hugh, lead perfectly normal lives until the brief separation, because after it everything just goes topsy-turvy: Hugh, suffering from a midlife crisis, jets off to Southeast Asia, and so amidst ideas of women in bikinis there is also the possibility Hugh will end up sleeping with women, whilst Amy falls into a romantic trapping, with another man she’s known for quite some time now. The book provides a mature look into a relationship falling apart but the circumstances which threaten the marriage feel surprisingly close to you – it’s really hard to not sympathize with Amy here over how nerve-wracking that experience of having Hugh deal with a midlife crisis in that way exactly, must be like. What I liked about the book was that when the mistakes are dusted away with, the comfort of the long relationship between Hugh and Amy still hooks the possibility that the relationship will return to its old ways once the troubles are truly over – very heartwarming.