Australia’s Grand Ambitions

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Cricketers aren’t really the people to turn to when desiring to learn more about a nation’s culture or history but sometimes it so happens that a cricketer forgets that and his place in life and decides to pike a very illiterate opinion about a western country, presumably for its national cricket team.

Australia has been my favourite country to support in cricket from my school days – I have always felt that the country can never be rivaled in cricket by any country in the world. It’s a perfectly placed belief because the Australian national cricket team has won more world cups than any other cricket team. 

Shane Warne, an Australian cricket player, is one of the finest cricketers in the world and he’s often recognized as one of the best bowlers in the history of cricket. He has often been the subject of crude criticism by a former captain of the Sri Lankan national cricket team, which barbarically poured into the Sri Lankan cricketer mocking Australia’s convict settlement history and talking about Sri Lanka’s culture, as a possible contrast instead.

It was a very illiterate demonstration of Australian history (by the Sri Lankan cricket player) because no matter what Australia’s history is like, it’s still a first world country unlike Sri Lanka, which is a third world country. So, to have these countries compared, where Sri Lanka is apparently made out to be a better country than Australia, despite Australia having done so much in the world to exist as a developed country, unlike Sri Lanka, which is just a developing country, was a very wrong thing to do.

Australia’s winning track record in cricket can never be matched by Sri Lanka. And I think this gives rise to bitter homegrown resentment from the Sri Lankan national cricket team sometimes. Since 1987, and throughout the nineties and this millennium, Australia has been the country to win most world cups and it looks like a practical impossibility that this is about to change anytime because Australia is naturally good in playing cricket.

The only surprising thing about Australia’s constant winning streak is that it’s a former British colony. Cricket is a British game and British colonizing history is something to be proud of. So, to have a former colony, which unlike many of the UK’s former colonies, is a developed country, as the country which dominates in cricket on a global scale is really a very interesting turn of events. It makes cricket a sport to look forward to, as a diverse range of nations, from the West Indies to India, battle it out on a global scale to constantly prove their country’s worth, in the British sport.


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