Cow’s Hungry Problem

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Noir and Cow are out for a walk through the kingdom today. They will be meeting members of the working class and talking to them about their daily issues, and what can be done to solve them. It’s an episode, which Cow looks forward to every week because his heart has always been set on becoming the best ruler the hot land has ever seen. Cow has had nothing to eat whole day though, so the thought is troubling him a little bit because he really isn’t very good with handling hunger.

Noir: So, this is the port we were assigned to for today. Next to it are some slum-like spaces, where we will be meeting people. It’s normally an empty port but today a lot of people are sitting around, probably because of the intense heat. Would you like an umbrella to help with it, sire?
Cow: No, I am good. I am just a little worried that I haven’t eaten anything all day…so I might not enjoy today as much as I usually do.
Noir: Then maybe you should get something to eat first.
Cow: But I didn’t bring any money with me. And I can’t send you back to the palace to bring me some food because then the whole day will get wasted.
Noir: Then focus!

Three young boys, and a woman are walking towards Cow and Noir in a dusty alley filled with dirty and torn clothes hanging from very old buildings. They look very poor but still smile looking at their ruler, and his adviser.

Cow: Good afternoon! I am out for a walk today and wanted to meet some of my royal subjects, just to see what I can help with improving in their daily lives. What’s your name, young woman?
Young woman: Olivia. I live across the street. These three boys are my sons.
Cow: What about your husband?
Young woman: He went travelling to another land, very far away from here, ten years ago, and never came back.
Noir: Really? So you bring up your sons all by yourself?
Olivia: Yes. Would you like to see my house?
Cow:…we would love to. But first I really must ask one of your sons to go back to my palace and get me one of my messengers because I haven’t eaten all day and all of the buildings now look like kebabs to me.


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