Cow and Noir go on Camel Rides

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On a crystal clear blue sky, Cow and Noir are out for a camel ride. The whole atmosphere is hot and sandy. As camels plop their feet on the dunes and the two sweigh while riding their two friendly camels, Rajah and Ranee, a procession of people pass by. At first, Cow thinks it must be a mirage because he and Noir were completely alone in the big desert but soon it turns out that it is not so.

Cow: Young man! Why is there a procession happening?

Young man: It is for our great lord: Abrahim Butros. He is terribly ill and might not live long.

Noir (gasp): Why?

Young man: I think that it is because of his royal subjects plotting to overthrow him. They have taken a great liking collectively to a certain Queen Sophia and want to dethrone Abrahim and make the middle-aged princess their new ruler.

Cow: What an utterly barbaric story! Come on, Noir! Let’s get on with our camel ride in the desert.

Noir: Hang on! Young man, can you tell me more about the story? Where is this happening?

Cow: Over the borders of Egypt and close to Tripoli. Do you know our lord?

Noir: I might have heard of him. Is he still in Libya?

Young man: Yes, that is where he wishes to be buried.

Noir: Alright! Thank you!…Cow do you think we should pay a visit for diplomatic purposes?

Cow: What for?

Noir: For diplomatic purposes. We might know what is up in more detail. Aren’t you the slightest bit interested?

Cow: No, I am. If it’s happening to a border country, you know I am. Did you think I was an American ruler or something?

Noir: Then why did you say you weren’t interested previously?

Cow: I just didn’t think it was the most nicest of stories I ever heard. But maybe we should be going for a visit to the poor chap’s palace…I have made up my mind…let’s set off far and towards Tripoli.

Twelve hours later…

Cow: Whew! Noir…I am tired. Do you want to stop by a market and buy some tents for us to camp in the desert for the night?

Noir: Sure.

Cow and Noir each buy two tents, some kebabs for dinner and set up camp near a pond shaded by palm trees. Their camels are resting too and drinking plenty of cold water from the pond, underneath the deepest and darkest of nights.

Cow: Noir I will tell you a little secret.

Noir: What is it?

Cow: Abrahim rules over savages. His own people find a Queen Sophia more interesting but she sounds a lot like Queen Golden – remember her? She was the ruler right before Abrahim. She knew nothing but regularly pretended otherwise and rumours have it that no one could remove her because of the youth of the country.

Noir: That makes no sense if Queen Golden knew nothing because she probably just ruled forcefully.

Cow: I know that. But I suspect that it was also the fault of the young kids in the country. Did you think they were you, Noir? Did you think that they will support Abrahim, or rulers like him, you know, like how you always support me?

Noir: No, I never thought anything like that.

Cow: Yes. They never cared for their country like how you care for Egypt. It is just too much to expect really from young people around the world like you.

Noir: But kids in Egypt aren’t like that.

Cow: Oh they are just good-for-nothings! They only want to play soccer, fly kites and eat food. They aren’t the slightest bit concerned about Egypt like you are but those kids in Tripoli, Noir…they are culturally different. They use to think just like you. Taking their Libya far was the only thing that mattered to them and look at them now – you are the only one in the region taking Egypt so far and protecting the country like a severe hawk.

Noir: Mmm…this kebab is good.

Cow: I know it is!!! I wonder what kind of kebabs we will be getting where we are going. I wouldn’t want to say goodbye to my lime and lemons.



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