Fashion Rules

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Following fashion concepts do not come easy. But the rules of the fashion world, I feel are best followed, not ignored. The fashion world moves so fast, there is always a risk involved that as a fashion addict, I might just get left behind and I don’t want to be that person – no one wants to be that person. It is always nice to be a part of the in-crowd. It is a great feeling to know that I am always following the latest trends as they happen and then spend hours and hours putting together an ensemble which follows that trend.

I like to be in-the-know about fashion trends because I want my fashion choices to represent the latest trendy colours or the greatest recent cuts or silhouettes of clothes; I also want my style directive to be peppered with selections from the latest, most amazing designers-to-know. I don’t like to feel left out of the trend circle in fashion because even though fashion should be about self-expression, I really think it should also be a trendy self-expression.

Following a particular trend leaves enough room for me to explore multiple ways to express my personal style quotient because, for example, if white is the trendiest colour off-late, I get to choose just exactly how I express the way I want to wear the colour. Do I choose white as a dress, or white as a pair of knee-length socks? The possibilities are endless.

The big argument is that how does following trends allow enough room to feel beautiful just the way you would like to – what if you like to wear something that isn’t trendy? I want to just stop the big question mark there because I don’t even understand how people get by without doing trendy. I just think being trendy is really more like a universal feeling. There is no pressure to follow each and every trend, obviously not, but not even a single trend, not even loving one trendy colour, like let’s say: yellow as your fashion choice for this winter, is just too much to grapple. I mean, that big question mark is just an excuse to be sloppy, and fashion never does sloppy.

The truth is that fashion rules exist for a reason. It’s what helps to guide towards a path of good taste and a greater sense of self-worth. I don’t think wearing potatoes-as-clothes or a piece of lettuce as a small hat would be a good idea and this is where fashion rules come in to help people differentiate between good taste and absolute nonsense.

When it comes to beauty, I guess the debate gets larger because beauty is more than just skin-deep – it is a whole lot more than the beauty products we use everyday that make us feel beautiful on the inside and on the outside. I think that true beauty also comes from looking good inside out. It is not just a person’s face that makes them beautiful – it is also their character at-large.  I think there is so much that one can learn from another person talking or behaving. I have experienced both worlds: people who look good, are great, and absolute morons, who don’t really look good to my eyes but those are just my thoughts alone – in this huge world, it’s nice to expect different people to have different tastes.

My world is filled with all kinds of beautiful people, who I feel are partly beautiful because amongst the many great things they do, they do not exaggerate about things they have never done for no reasons whatsoever, like so many morons in the world, and they are also nice and friendly to work with. No matter whoever you are, and wherever in the world: fashion and beauty always looks good when you aspire to be fashionable, and when you are really great.


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