Getting A Job

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Sometimes I think about what is the point of getting a degree if I can find a job right away in Bangladesh (where I was born and brought up). I have always wanted to teach in an English school, or work in tech, and I can do that just great already because I am a graduate from a local English school. The local schools in the country are sometimes Bengali and students study the national curriculum, and sometimes English as well – I have always studied England’s curriculum from ever since I can remember.

I am very committed to my studies and my grades have been doing amazing. There is no doubt about the fact that I am a great student. My mom loves the idea – that I should get a job as soon as possible, whether or not, I want to complete my undergraduate degree. I am certainly old enough to get a job and my social life is also always great, so I don’t understand what’s holding me back sometimes, except for my total commitment to academia.

How to know which job is the right one for you? I think I should be spending more time thinking about that now, rather than fretting about unemployment.

I think that I am rather rare here. I have always been excellent in the English Language, which isn’t an achievement most kids can boast about. Plus, I would be aiming for jobs that are for school graduates, and I know so much in technology already, it is no joke. Most people in the country aren’t so technologically literate. It is something to think about because recently I have been educating myself about the job market in Bangladesh, which previously I wasn’t very familiar with.

I think it is important to both live your dreams and live your words. It is a great consolation that I can find a job because I have graduated from an English school, because escaping unemployment has always been a priority to me. I wouldn’t even want to be unemployed after graduating from uni, let alone from school. I feel that I can work my way up smoothly in any career I choose to pursue, including one that comes with an income to maintain my independent life and so long as you have confidence in your abilities, it is all that matters really.


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