My Letter To Santa

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Dear Santa Claus

I wanted to write this letter to you right before you took off on your journey around the world to deliver Christmas presents to kids. I hope I have made your ‘nice’ list this year because I really don’t want to end up with a stocking full of coal – coal is sure not a pretty present inside Christmas stockings. I haven’t got anything special planned for Christmas Eve, except to eat really tasty food and watch Disney videos, with my best mate – if I don’t feel too sleepy we might hang out.

I think that on Christmas Day, I will be cooking egg but not eggnog because I wasn’t in the mood for something sweet unless ofcourse if it is sweetened milk. I wanted to make scrambled eggs with a lot of veggies (especially tomatoes because my dog loves it) and the egg-dish looks so amazing, I feel like a mini-chef. Now if only I had a white chef hat…it would complete the picture in my head that I really am a great cook.

I wished and wished and wished that this holiday season would be the most perfect ever and so far so good. I really love that it is a carol-filled atmosphere in my house this year because nothing spells more Christmas-like than amazing Christmas carols. I want a lot of presents…and it’s not much: I just want my choo choo train to be happy, magical and filled with laughter for forever. Other than that, I want to have time to watch the telly sometimes even though my studies keep me so busy, and I also want to…have a great 2017. Merry Christmas!

With Love, and Hugs for Rudolph, the reindeer



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