It’s The Night Before Christmas Eve

Tis the season to be share nachos with mates…

Mama Violet, Genie Turmeric and Noir Chocolate are watching a film on the night before Christmas Eve.

Turmeric: I have always enjoyed Titanic. It’s one of my favourite romance movies ever!

Noir: Really? Why do you like it so much?

Turmeric: I like Jack! I think he is a very handsome young man and what happens to him is so tragic! It’s hard to not feel emotionally connected to him when he dies in the ocean to save his beloved…

Mama Violet: Yeah…Jack dies for Rose in the end and I don’t like Rose.

Noir: Neither do I! She is too fat but doesn’t get it and I think Jack fell for Rose in Titanic because she feels so like real to him!

Turmeric: Oh! I hate Rose…she is so big she ended up resting on an entire doorway all by herself when the ship…sank!

Noir: I know! Jack should have let Rose float instead in the ocean and put himself on the door! With how huge Rose is, she would have easily been her very own round life raft in the icy waters to float around!

Turmeric: Hahahahaha! Oh! That’s seriously funny!!!!!!!!!!

Mama Violet: Yeah…what about Rose’s mother? What do you think of her, Noir?

Turmeric: I think she is a hag!

Noir: I think she is a shame to the high class or aristocratic class or whatever it is you want to call it. I mean, she couldn’t look after Rose because she was in debt because of her husband and then didn’t even get a job to get out of it. Instead, Rose’s mother actually contemplated working as a mere seamstress, which isn’t really some kind of job for an aristocratic lady to talk about in a dignified manner, and it was all to properly look after herself and her seventeen-year-old daughter but she also approached that with a lot of dread and then in the end all that happened was that she coerced Rose to marry a young man with a fortune so that Rose and her mother can comfortably continue to live their aristocratic life for like forever! How disgraceful!

Mama Violet: I know! Your from a high class yourself…what does your mother do?

Noir: Oh! She works in fashion! She’s a fashion designer in Paris! She has her own fashion label which has been showcasing collections in Paris Fashion Week ever since the nineties! It’s a relatively new label she founded herself when I was a kid but it’s rather well-known and everything and she regularly designs all of the clothes the label manufactures!

Turmeric faints hearing the story…

Noir: Turmeric…are you alright?

Eric pops into the living room then with some nachos.

Eric: Noir, do you want some nachos with your movie?

Turmeric then wakes up hearing Eric’s voice…

Turmeric: I am alright, Noir! You boy…come here and feed me nachos, pretty please!

Eric: What? No!…Noir, do you?…… you want some nachos?

Noir: I think I want nachos, yeah!

Turmeric: Hmph! (mutters under his breath) I cannot believe Jack ends up with Rose in Titanic and these two are still only sharing nachos. I think it’s time I take this matter of love I would love to see inbetween Prince Eric and Noir into my own hands…mwahahahahahaha….oh! Sorry! I must do this in a hush-hush!


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