The Know Your Tarts Series

Tis the season to spend time with family...
Tis the season to spend time with family…

Cow,  Prince Eric, Noir and Turmeric are having a guessing game on for the evening as a way to relax and catch up with each other.

Noir: I have an idea for a game. When I say a sentence that a girl usually says after a date, you have to finish it in a way you feel that it should end.

Turmeric (blushes): Oh my! That sounds so amazing! I want to go first!

Noir: Stephanie says she feels unusually sick in the morning…

Turmeric:…why?…I mean…but the precious has no idea why!

Noir: Stephanie says she wants to go to have a holiday with a mountain-view…

Cow: She wants to be rugged and the right girl for you because she absolutely loves hiking!

Noir: Stephanie says she is cooking a meal for two…

Eric: Because she feels romantic 24/7…she’s the cutest and the most simple-minded thing in the world because great minds think alike…in romance…too !


Turmeric:…I want to watch a movie now! But who won?

Noir: Ah! I think…Eric!

Eric: YAAAA!!!!

Noir: Since Eric won, he can uhhh pick the film!

Eric: Yeah! Let’s see…we can watch ‘The Hangover’!

Noir, Cow and Turmeric (all together): Yeah!!! That sounds brilliant!


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