Thanksgiving in Egypt

The Simpsons = what the holidays mean to Turmeric, Noir and Eric
The Simpsons = what the holidays mean to Turmeric, Noir and Eric
It’s the eve before Thanksgiving. Cow isn’t familiar with the holiday but in his kingdom there is a lot of vigorous activity going on because Noir is preparing portions of the meal to be cooked tomorrow night for the special American holiday. Cow can smell too many delicious smells coming from the kitchen so he decides to chat with Noir over the stove-top.
Cow: I was wondering what kind of meals you are making – it all smells so good!

Noir: It’s a traditional Thanksgiving meal – roast turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, and cranberry sauce. I was thinking of making some other sides but not too sure how that’s going to fit into the meal. There’s already too much to eat so maybe I should stick to the traditions and that will be it, for this year.

Cow: Yes, I think a traditional thanksgiving meal would be just lovely, my precious!

Noir: Yeah!…almost, coming right up!

Cow: My dear, aren’t you British?

Noir: Yeah! Why?

Cow: I was just curious as to why you are celebrating Thanksgiving because I never saw British people making a load of fuss about the holiday, in my life!

Noir: It’s really an American and Canadian holiday! But the British are colonial so we can celebrate it!

Cow (gaping): For both the two countries?

Noir: Yeah! What are the odds, huh? I have always loved both, from I think since I was a toddler!

Cow: That’s marvellous to hear!…do I have to invite my mother for Thanksgiving?

Noir: Yup!

Cow: Oh! Better do that now then, it’s already evening! I am pretty sure she’ll be here before tomorrow noon and then we can all enjoy the meal and…

Just then Noir’s genie pops up in the kitchen…

Turmeric: I was just reading “The Daily Sand” and you will never believe who is getting married!

Cow: Who?

Turmeric: Your biggest rival’s daughter! Noir, do you remember him?

Noir: No!

Cow: I do! How come? Wasn’t she supposed to be training to succeed him to his throne?

Turmeric: Yup, that’s why! She finds life unbearable without a man to hold her in his arms! She thought, “first marriage, then everything else in life”…

Noir: Really? Very strange woman!

Turmeric: Yeah! She’s very plump too, so I wonder what kind of husband she got in life…

Noir: An ugly one! A seriously ugly one!

Turmeric: Naturally….but what kind of seriously ugly?

The next day…

It’s Thanksgiving Day. Eric is setting the table with Juskpohn and Cow’s mother, Mama Violet, who is besotted with Noir. She has begun to think of Noir as her own granddaughter, something she has longed for for many years, and even bought two peach yarn balls to give to Noir’s two kittens to play with.

Mama Violet: You love to have many pets then?

Noir: Yes! I like to have as many as I can take care of!

Mama Violet: Cow I need more napkins for table settings!

Cow:…I only have handkerchiefs left now, with the amount you used!

Mama Violet: What will I do? You know, our table is enormously long!

Eric: I will get them!

Turmeric: You boy! Do you know magic that you think you can?

Eric: No! But I can get them from a shop nearby!

Turmeric: But everything is closed on Thanksgiving!

Eric: They don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Egypt!

Turmeric: Ohhhhhhhhhh! How dare you ruin it? I was in character!

Eric:…sorry! Does it put you into a more Thanksgiving spirit that way?

Turmeric: I was already in a proper festive spirit! And you don’t have to show off that you know Thanksgiving isn’t celebrated in Egypt! Every idiot in town knows that!

Eric: Really? I would imagine…most…people…don’t!

Noir: The turkey is done! It’s time to dig in!

Cow: Really? I’ll pour us some iced tea…

Turmeric: Iced tea, see that boy! Bet you never had that before!…Eric…Eric?

Turmeric notices Eric helping Noir out in the kitchen because there are too many dishes to carry to the dining table.

Turmeric: Well, would you look at that! That boy is actually of some use in the kingdom!


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