Thanksgiving Talking Points

Donald Trump, a Mexican straw hat and great gossip

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During Thanksgiving, what are the conversation points that would be welcoming? I figured the regulars are always a nice addition to great company and a delicious meal. It’s a really fabulous idea to catch up with friends over glasses of Chardonnay and roast meat. It’s quite tough to point at other times of the year when any excuse would be good to do so without the extra headache of deadlines and daily grocery shopping bugging you.

As much as you would love to chat about your friends’ ugly hookups and how rubbish last night’s house party was, the humdrum of daily existence beckons you to get busy because everyday isn’t meant to be extraordinarily fun-times-with-mates. I love to socialise, so juicy pieces of gossip is a very welcoming thought, for a start. How many of your friends are moving towns? How has dating life been like? What was the most exciting event to happen to them in the past year? What has work been like? How’s school/uni and how heavy has the workload been because I haven’t slept in ages? How many are having babies and what’s that like actually because I am not really a baby-person? Hey, it most definitely is alright to be curious about your friend’s life even if it is so different from the kind you love to lead…I think that’s what makes the conversation so interesting if you really do love to socialise.

The second good point to talk about I feel would be the Thanksgiving meal you all have just had: you can ask them which part of the meal they enjoyed the most, if they felt anything was missing from it that could be included next year – this isn’t an invitation to mess with a traditional Thanksgiving meal but sometimes keeping that tradition, with it you can cook up pumpkin pie (very autumnal!) or a strawberry-laced dessert, to serve to your guests. Therefore, inputs from your friends would be a grand thing really because your juggling recipes for a party, you’re giving it your best shot, and you most definitely cannot read minds so the more your friends tell you about their favourite part of the meal, the less stressful it gets to happily entertain in the future. Apart from that talking culture is great, with politics: right now all I can think about is Trump’s victory at the US elections and how disappointing that is for the United States because his Republican manifesto just wasn’t personally appealing. It is all I can think about. That and the sombrero.


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