A Chore Called ‘Thanksgiving Dinner’

It is not too tough to work a plan out to prepare for one of the grandest meals of the year

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The Thanksgiving weekend is almost here. It’s hard to not spend time daydreaming about a delicious turkey roast, and potatoes cooked to perfection every day of the hour. But sometimes cooking for a massive meal always sounds harder than it is:

  • Must wash turkey properly before cooking
  • Must always keep an eye on the cooking hob
  • Need to marinate prawns, the night before to cook over the weekend – I mean, does that sound inviting? Giving up your first proper evening in front of the television for marinating prawns that you won’t even be digging into until at least tomorrow evening?

It’s not hard. A little discipline goes a long way. In my mind, I have always associated thanksgiving dinner with friends. There is a lot to be thankful for in the world and every year expressing some of it shows you in a candour spirit I believe, for people who love you. As an animal-lover, thanksgiving for me is incomplete without thinking about my dog(s), and for all animals in the world, and for them I am thankful every year – it’s one of the rare regulars on my annual list. I feel it rings in a perfect family spirit that way, and Thanksgiving, like all major holidays can also be considered entirely “a family holiday”.

However, in the United States not everyone likes to think so-traditional-in-everything. I like to call it a more British or Asian understanding that holidays mean spending them with family a little bit, and quality time with your pet(s) a lot. Nowadays, semi-takeaway food is substituting homecooked Thanksgiving meals. Even as a student I cannot imagine having “a half-prepared meal chucked into the oven and voila…done” during the holidays because no matter what student cooking looks like, it’s still an edition of a Thanksgiving meal. It’s impossible to believe that lives in metropolitans can be so busy and full of little things to do everyday that actually cooking a meal seems so very hard to fit in.

For a Thanksgiving meal, there are some basics that must be followed to make the whole process as simple as possible:

  • Roast a turkey
  • Invite your friends for a meal
  • Do the cranberry sauce (it should be simpler than making a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice without a blender)
  • Prepare the gravy
  • Make mashed potatoes

My favourite part about the meal is undoubtedly the roast turkey, but getting together with mates + the nice cold that this time of the year always rings in, is always a great reason to look forward to Thanksgiving Day.



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