The Right Bag For Work

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A perfect bag for work for me would spell “function over form”

One of the most difficult things to do sometimes is pick the right bag to carry around when your are busy being a busybody. I find it rather tough (and so time-consuming) to choose the perfect one because when it is workwear, it must go with absolutely all of my regular outfits: trousers, a pair of blue live in jeans, skirts, shift dresses, etc. etc. etc. How to pick a piece so stylishly flexible? It is one of those days when you just know you will be at it for a long, long time and there is no simpler way out of it but to work hard to mix and match. It is not a shallow thought actually, I wouldn’t classify it as one because I think looking nice everyday makes you feel so good about yourself, and it is also a great start to the day.

Perfect Bags For Work


A Chloé satchel in shades of brown would be ideal to remix with day looks – it is practical and comes with a detachable shoulder strap so it can go with an all-academic preppy look at work well. When not going for a Western-themed-colour, one of my solid and dependable shades to turn to is red. British designer Jonathan Anderson pioneered the Puzzle bag for Loewe, which is cubic and deliciously  a little bit biker-chic; it doesn’t have Marlon Brando written all over it, which is fantastic, because it is just for females who like me can identify with the strong (and motor-loving) undertones of “biker-chic”. The puzzle bag looks divine in red, but I like the black one too, when I want to really go all out there and do biker-chic for my work ensemble because it has so many zips crisscrossing all across it’s modern design.

Sometimes, going with an elegant look at work is what you want because nothing else compliments a shift dress more: for those moments I would turn to Michael Kors for the contemporary American design his brand sports. That, or a red edition of Longchamp’s much adored Le Pliage Cuir, or a Bottega Veneta city-bag in a funky-rust colour and  featuring the Italian brand’s trademark artisan leather imprint. For dressy days at work: a handmade, woven shoulder bag would nicely demonstrate my love for South American culture (Colombia, in particular), or glamorous stud designs – for more of that biker chic, except it’s on your bag rather than how a jacket, paired with your dress is styled.


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