Raya is almost here….

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July has set out to be a rollercoaster of celebrations. If it isn’t the 4th of July celebrations that took place recently in the United States of America, it is the upcoming celebrations for “Raya” in Malaysia. Raya (known in other Commonwealth countries as “Eid”), is a big part of the calendar in Malaysia. Hari Raya is a prominent holiday because it signals the end of Ramadan (one entire month of fasting) for Muslims.

Oil lamps are also lit inside homes in Malaysia to observe the occasion, from the 20th day of Ramadan, as people dress in new clothes for Raya to celebrate with friends and families.

Raya: Food


I have been celebrating Raya practically all my life, but since I was a little girl, my favourite time of the year has always been Christmas. The most interesting thing about Raya to me, is the food; the food that you eat in Raya is superlative and delicious. I would personally recommend meat floss, saviyaan, satay and kebabs.


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