Noir & Turmeric

Noir finds a very useless genie, Turmeric, which she decides to get to train

Noir and Eric have gone to the bazaar to get some fresh produce for the palace kitchen. Little does Eric know that in his leather-tasseled-backpack, two of Noir’s pets, these mischievous skunks, have hidden themselves as stowaways, onto the bazaar. At the bazaar…
Eric: Can I get that green cabbage please? And about 1kg of tomatoes?
Grocer: Sure!
Just then, from Eric’s backpack, the two skunks peer out and release their typical toxic smell. Eric smells this toxic smell around him and starts to believe he has been double-crossed. Dropping the produce instantly, and opting out of purchasing rotten-smelling vegetables, Eric begins to argue with the grocer over his tricks.

Meanwhile, at the bazaar…

Noir is at a different end of the bazaar. She gets a kilogram of seedless chilli fries and a kilogram of enchiladas, for her daily cooking needs. Right next to the shop of spices, is a a vast market of ornaments and trinkets sellers. In that market, a lamp catches her eye…
Noir: Old man! How much do I have to haggle for that old gold lamp?
Old Man: Not that much! I will give it to you for thirty-five gold coins. It comes with a genie…
Noir: Really? Will that genie do everything I ask him to?
Old Man: Why don’t you give it a rub and find out?
Noir gives the lamp a rub and out pours a genie wearing white robes and a golden turban.
Genie: Oh hello!!! You have rubbed my lamp! So, from now on you are my sire!
Noir: What’s that?
Genie: You are my sire! And I will give you everything you desire in love!…I will grant all your wishes in love, my dear!
Noir: But I don’t need any of that! What else can you do?
Genie: But…you must get me! That is my only power. I can grant all your wishes in love!
Noir:…what is your name?
Genie: Turmeric!
Noir: Okay! I will get you, and then maybe I can teach you some tricks…
Turmeric: Why you eye me, you boy?
Noir: What?
Eric: I wasn’t eyeing you!
Noir: What?
Turmeric: I am talking to that boy, there! Why you eye me?
Eric: Shut up! I only came to see Noir!…Noir, can we go to another bazaar?…I think the vegetables are kind of funny-smelling here!


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