A Cold Winter

It is a fine dewy morning in Sheffield. The town is completely covered with the aftereffects of heavy snowfall. As you tread on the soft snow, you can sight that the town is slowly waking up. Villagers are rummaging around shops, schools and parks, as the elders of the town, which mostly populate it are busy picking up their morning newspapers from their doorsteps.
Ever since “The Great War”, Sheffield has been somewhat of a quiet town, which is surprising because most major towns in England are the busiest in the country. One family, who lives in a thatched house close to the village markets and many farms, are the Williams. The Williams are a family of three – Grandfather Williams, Mother Williams and Ink Williams. The family also own a farm, where they regularly reap very good harvest, and have a hive of bees from which honey is produced – the honey and the farm harvest is both for the family, and the markets, to sell; Ink Williams has an Afghan Hound, a Rottweiler, and a Bernese Mountain Dog of her own as pets.
The Williams family has lived in Sheffield for generations, and their house is pretty popular in Sheffield because it is nestled between the many farms and village markets. It is the year 1800. Ink Williams spends most of her time in boarding school or getting privately tutored because unlike most young girls in England, Ink is from an aristocratic family. Aside from Ink, all girls her age in Sheffield spend all day either preparing to get married, working in the village markets, or helping out with farming instead. Like Ink, they do not learn and do not have to worry about getting educated, getting the top grades and excelling in school activities – Ink thinks her days spent getting schooled is very boring and exhausting. Still, she manages to convince herself that all this hard work is worth it…
Ink: So many French words! I am not even ever ending up in Paris!
Tutor: Revise!
Ink: Can I go home?
Tutor: No! Revise!
On the other side of town, some hours later, Matthew, Ink, Dimitri and Andrew are at a cricket game thrown by their schools.
Matthew: I think the game is going to go great! You all think the same?
Ink: Maybe!
Dimitri: Ink, how are you going to get home! You don’t have your carriage with you?
Andrew: Why don’t you walk with her, you hippo?
Dimitri: I am not a hippo!!!!!!!!!!
Ink: Come to think of it…I might actually do that instead of joining the three of you later! How long is the game going to be?
Matthew: At least, two hours long…
Dimitri and Andrew have broken up from the conversation and are trying to clobber each other, with their shoes. Ink tries to break the fight up but it’s not until the whistle blows singalling the start of the match, when the two stop fighting.
Dimitri: Ink…are you alright?
Ink: I am fine! Why?
Dimitri: Do you think I have put on weight?
Ink: No! You still look slender to me!
Dimitri: Oh!
Andrew: Cricket is so boring!
Matthew: Then why are you watching it?
Andrew: What is it with you? I can do what I want!
After the game, Dimitri and Ink walk back home together. Ink has known Dimitri since she was 11 years old. Dimitri lives with most other kids in a Sheffield neighbourhood that has a church of its own. It is about a half-hour walk away from Ink’s home; Ink’s family and Dimitri’s family, which consists of his mother and an uncle, from his mother’s side, are good friends.
Ink: The scarecrow in our farm can never manage to scare the crows away!
Dimitri: That useless thing! I think ours look like a clown!


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