The Finest Railways In The World

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The Trans-Siberian Express

The train has its roots in Russia. It is 9288km long, runs on 77km per hour, and is recognized as the darling of the European rail system, boasting the longest passenger train route in the world. Travelling for 146 hours and 8 minutes (an average of six and a half days) + stopovers, is no joke. But the train boasts a spectacular view: the wonderful Russian landscape, woodlands, mountains, grassy steppe and desert. The train is known to stop in Irkutsk, the largest city in Siberia, often and the place is littered with buildings from the 1800s.

The Canadian

Going from Toronto to Vancouver takes 83 hours but the incredibly long train journey lets you enjoy the breathtaking Canadian view: snow-capped Rocky Mountains, Canadian Shield forests glimpsed through titanic glass windows is one of the most precious moments you can indulge in for relaxation.

The Blue Train   

The Blue Train is South Africa’s infamous railway, going from Pretoria to Cape Town. The train doubles up as a hotel on fast wheels: there are lounge carriages on it, along with suites possessing large-size baths. Passengers can relax amidst classic decorations and a butler service. It takes a little over a day (27 hours to be precise) during which you can enjoy the African scenery, travelling at a slow speed.

The Indian Pacific

The Indian Pacific takes 70 hours to go from Sydney to Perth, and it is a great journey across Australia. With a diverse range of stops, such as Broken Hill, Adelaide and Kalgoorlie, the train journey goes all over the continent in a single stretch, to take in the local wildflowers.

The Jinghu High Speed Rail

The Jinghu High Speed Rail, is a Chinese treat, going from Shanghai to Beijing. It is known for it’s speed, and slicing the travelling distance considerably.

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