How to get white teeth

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Pearly whites: the tricks

As a regular red wine, cola, dark juice drinker, black tea, gravy, soya sauce lover or avid smoker, you should be more concerned about the effect that would have on your pearly whites. Therefore, watch the intake of these foods if you want to get serious about looking after your teeth.

Certain food aim to tidy up your teeth – include them in your diet: apples, carrots, celery and popcorn. Of you aren’t into brushing your teeth after each meal, then make these foods the last thing you have after each meal.

Sugar-free breath mints can help you get fresher breath, just like alcohol-free mouthwash; the alcohol-containing mouthwash can dry the tissues out in your mouth and make it more probable to bacteria.

Change your toothbrush or electric toothbrush head, after two or three months. Don’t put bacteria in your mouth and when brushing do a 45 degree angle against the gums, with your toothbrush; also, avoid holding onto the toothbrush too hard and instead do a gentle circular motion when brushing.

A tongue scraper daily for each mornings to get rid of tongue plaque is a must-have. Bad breath has been attributed to bacteria on the tongue, that regular tongue scrapping will help to eliminate.

Brushing your teeth first in the morning and last in the evening is good to remove plaque from teeth, right before bedtime, or as you wake up.

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