What To Do About The Noises In Your Head?

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Tinnitus is a special medical condition that disrupts a person’s life because of the noises in their head. Although, not a disease it is a medical issue that many people around the world need help with – how to deal with buzz, chirp, ring or some other noise, that has no explainable external source?

More than 300 million people in the world suffer from tinnitus. As you get older, the illness will continue to affect you to a greater extent. Tinnitus doesn’t let you enjoy television programmes, or personal conversations. The racket inside your head may be as a result of loud noises, hearing loss, physical injuries, specific medications, genetics (such as, ear wax) and Meuniere’s disease, or for some reason that is tough to identify.

Vitamins and Music

Eating vitamins is a good start to curing the medical condition. Research suggests that people with tinnitus have a B12 deficiency, or zinc deficiencies. I can relate to this situation because I know what it feels like when the noises in your head get too much to take, as you are going about living your busy life in a metropolitan. Another good suggestion to battle the “noisy situation” is to reduce the noise by drowning it out in music. This serves as a distraction to the phantom sounds and it has proved very effective.


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