For The Love Of…Barbie

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Give it up for…(drum roll, please) Barbie!

Every three seconds a Barbie doll is sold. The phenomenon with the Barbie doll never ceases because every little girl wanted to have that experience as a child: hold their very own Barbie, dress it in pretty solitaire earrings and take to Ken’s tea party, for the two to gossip about road trips, the prom, college and beach parties. Here are a couple of little known facts about the American plastic princess:

Barbie is truly professionally versatile: she has been a McDonald’s cashier, a Canadian Mountie, a secretary, Catwoman and a business executive.

Barbie has numerous siblings, such as Stacie, Skipper, Chelsea and Todd.

Barbie’s hometown is Wisconsin. She comes from the fictional town of Willows there and her surname is (surprise!) Roberts.

Astronaut Barbie has been to space before Neil Armstrong and in total, three times, already.

Barbie has more than one million outfits just for her, with matching shoes too.

Barbie’s long-time boyfriend (#BF) is Ken, who is very cute and immature; he’s also really good to have around for the mature Barbie, on the wonderful San Francisco beach to talk about cocktails, books, hot dogs, burgers, nachos and fish.

Barbie is obsessed with dressing up: clothes from Gucci, Versace, D&G and Vera Wang hang in her wardrobe.

Barbie is an animal-lover: she has 21 amazing dogs, a lion cub, a zebra, 3 ponies, 6 cats, a chimpanzee, a parrot, a panda, 14 horses and a remarkable giraffe.

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