Islamic State’s Dangerous Propaganda

Embed from Getty Images

The fight against the Islamic State is turning into a chilling episode of worldwide violence.

Young children, armed with pistols now play around in Syria; they prey on captives tied up in a destitute castle before killing them. Some feet away in Yemen, prisoners are zipped up in orange jumpsuits and drowned in oceans and then further attacked by an awful lot of speeding rockets. These are just a few examples of the episodes of terror the Islamic State rules over – videos of their violence are then streamed though the Islamic State’s smartphone app, offering viewers the opportunity to take a look at the gruesome videos. The state even floats songs that are supposed to jog with your memory about how it is a good idea to join the IS, in Mandarin Chinese.

It is not, to be frank, and this is a massive propaganda of terror, inclusive of radio broadcasts in numerous languages and video games. The IS are going into it much stronger than before: since 2014, many of the IS recruits are doubling up in number as foreign workers. Many die pointlessly aligning themselves with the jihadist movement – it believes that wrongs committed against Muslims can only be solved by the IS seeking vengeance for all those distorted actions. The IS call it a ‘caliphate’ and it can be called a remodelled idea of how that ‘kingdom’ works: young children are taught religion, markets are filled with people everyday, welfare benefits are provided to communities, and fishing is controlled by the IS in both the Tigris and Euphrates.

Presence in Western Asia is surely alarming and the state is expanding. Most do not get along with each other in the IS and it has incurred several losses but that is not enough: the fall of the Iraqi city of Ramada and losing control somewhat in Syria, is denting its finances. After plundering portions of Iraq, with the help of a then-rich Islamic State erupting from debris in Syria, it lost it’s stronghold on permitting terror to rule within Iraq’s borders. Although, that is great news, what is indeed shocking and more huge, is how the Islamic State feeds from 160 oil rich zones in Syria, and rules over it through widespread use of mass terror.

Some 20 of those oil fields in Syria have been attacked by Russian airstrikes, which has dented the Islamic State’s economic outlook because it is curtailing movement of business in this cottage industry, dangerously local to the war-ravaged nation. So the fight against the Islamic State for the West looks far from over but if recent trends are to be believed then rivalry with the other major terror group in the world, Al-Qaeda, might just weed out slabs of the constant threat from terror groups, around the world before downfall meets it’s regular chilling propaganda.


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