The Battle for Naval Supremacy

Embed from Getty Images

The South China Sea is being hotly contested for by China

America’s dominance is being challenged from various corners, such as it’s position in the South China Sea and it’s ambiguity over the Syrian conflict. The conflict is unique in nature because Russia is supporting a client regime in the country and the purpose is simple – to suppress a revolution.

This revolution is being backed by America because the insurgency in the country is not a matter to joke about. It is very easy to lose your heart in the process because you hear stories of too much suffering and oppression in the conflict, in the face of a solitary former Soviet Union that wants to demonstrate its not the same as America’s past.

Vladimir Putin is disenfranchised from Russian involvement in Syria – his involvement is about preventing terrorism from spreading (much like Iran’s involvement in the Syrian conflict) and he’s deeply interested in how he’s viewed at home for it. America is not pleased with how the Syrian regime has conducted itself over human rights and how it is widely, violently unpopular. But that is the least of the global superpower’s concern: China is not warming to the idea of sharing its sea-power.

China is a nation rising, with the foundations laid bare by one of its greatest leaders, Mao Zedong – it is keen to protect its boundary from interference from any shores, be it America or Japan. I think that is a staunch display of colourful patriotism because China deserves to exercise its might: it is a huge land with a lot of investment pouring in, from ship missiles to submarines, China is truly going above and beyond with its state in the globe.

The Communist state desires to protect the Indian Ocean – it’s not hard to see why because oil imports enter the state through that sea channel and the Ocean is economically vital to it maintaining its supremacy. America shouldn’t be concerned about this because all this naval expansion is different from when the Soviet Union existed.

The Soviet Union was primarily interested in keeping America from its shores and declaring it a state that needed to be rescued and also extending it’s brand of socialism across the world. China wants to have naval supremacy too but it should not come at the expense of its geographical position because other states also need to make use of those sea channels.


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