Thanksgiving Notes: What I Am Thankful For

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The Turkey & the chance to read Shakespeare’s plays while it is pouring rain, are some of the many things I’m thankful for!

Thanksgiving is upon us! So, what are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? People around me, with whom I would like to imagine I carve the turkey, are happy about those things that only makes sense to us: there are no balloon animals floating in our household, there are no sad, old obese men sharing exotic tales, there is excessive drunken-kissing all guests on Thanksgiving, there is an enjoyment of the grand meal I always make, they are ecstatic that our “vegan relatives” are spending Thanksgiving at their boyfriend/girlfriend’s home, they adore Thanksgiving games, love the rainy local weather, love quality time spent together, love solitaire, love the parade (at least, the photos of them because there is always too much of a crowd in them) and finally, leftover turkey meat sandwiches.

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I am thankful that we talk about South Africa with the kind of passion and clarity, that is not seen in Africa. Africa is looked upon as a remote, exotic continent that needs to be rescued, but by who? Well by people in the West who know nothing about the real Africa to begin with, of course. I am glad that I get the chance to comment on Africa, with intelligence and that I’m so rare with my approach there. It is an exhausted concept that people silver-fan because Africa holds a different (and good) meaning in the world. When you look at everything through civilized eyes, you will see that Africa is a lot more than a poverty-stricken environment: it is a land where pyramids exist, apartheid was outlawed, precious diamond mines work tirelessly and where the spice market dominates as a talking point in bazaars.

Local action in emerging economies, some of which are even former British colonies, such as Colombia, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia or even India, is acknowledged to transform the place when pioneered by the West, and I’m thankful for all of that. I’m also thankful for an individualistic global idea of the West (and the Far East) for Africa and other emerging economies. I am thankful for the turkey, the books, the soda, the chocolate milk and the thought that everyone loves my perspectives on Great Britain!

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