Plastic Bags & The 5p Charge At Supermarkets

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How worried should you be about this move that is supposed to be good for the environment?

Today is the day you say goodbye to plastic bags everywhere in supermarkets. In England, supermarkets, the really large ones, will now be charging shoppers 5p for plastic bags to carry their groceries home with them. If you are having your goods delivered to your home address then be ready to have somewhere around 40p around because a handful of them will be charging you a flat rate of 40p.

The motive behind the initiative is to have them stop littering streets. This is actually a genuine problem in most countries around the world. In Malaysia, it is still only during the weekends we are charged for plastic bags at supermarkets but I never found caring for the environment a hassle – I almost always have Hello Kitty shopping bags with me to carry around my many purchases back home, with me.

I welcome this move because it contributes to the environment positively. Plastic bags are already an issue for sewerage systems and a standard point of problem to how general waste works in developing economies. On the streets they look ugly and toxic to the climate, they are responsible for pollution, they affect marine life and in fact they are one of Mexico’s most pressing problems.



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