A Seductive Tribute To Vintage Sixties

Ossie Clark is one of those rare fashion designers, who is still remembered for his fashion contribution to the “Swinging Sixties”. His largest share of fashion concepts came from that era’s presence in London. Often viewed as a rival of the well known fashion boutique from the ‘60s, Biba, he has influenced fashion icons of the likes of Anna Sui.
In Clark’s perspective, the swinging sixties was about moving your body magically and producing an attractive image.

Fashion textile designer Celia Birtwell recently hosted an auction of the British designer’s clothes that were in her collection at Kerry Taylor Auctions. Sixty pieces having an approximate worth of £200 to £6,000 per piece is inclusive of pop-art minidresses Clark designed right after graduating from the Royal College of Art in 1965 and the black leather biker jacket designed right before his sad demise in 1996.
The most captivating image of the sixties from the collection is a billowing white dress (my personal favourite!). It captures the effervescent spirit of the decades, the subtle seduction very accurately and beautifully.


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