Prince Eric travels from Morocco to Cairo

Cow and Chef are still at the market bickering over what greens to get Noir for the feast. At that precise moment, a young Prince on horseback arrives.

Prince: Good morning, my lord! Do you happen to know the way to an oasis? I needed to refill my water flask on my journey.
Cow: Who are you?
Prince: I’m Eric. I have travelled all the way from Morocco and it’s been hours, for me since I’ve had any water.
Chef: You came all the way from spice-town on horseback?
Eric: I’m a Prince! So, yes….(Eric falls off his horse because of exhaustion and dehydration and passes out)……
Cow: Oh no!!!!!!!!! Prince?
Chef: Prince, are you alright?……….Here, have water from my bottle!

The two feed Eric water, put him back on his horse and takes him back to the Kingdom; Eric is still passed out, until he reaches the golden gates of the palace – there he can somewhat makeout the hazy shape/outline of Noir rushing to the door.

Cow: Noir! This is…Eric. Can you take him to one of the palace rooms and look after him? He fainted from traveling a lot without water!……Oooooooh! Am I seeing a dog behind you?
Noir: Huh? Oh yeah! It’s my Dalmatian, Chiffon. It goes with me everywhere because they’re like my dogs, you know! How was the bazaar besides Eric?
Cow:…We aren’t done yet! We’ll just head back now and come back in time for supper!
Noir: Alright! (pats the horse) What’s your name, boy?….Do you have a name?…Come I’ll feed you water!

Noir takes the horse, deep inside the Kingdom to a water barrel filled with floating strawberries and edges the horse to drink it. For Eric, Noir goes to the wine cellar next to the barrel and gets a wine flute filled with water and a handful of freshly plucked, clean strawberries.
Noir: Eric! (nudges him with her finger) Here, have some water!
Eric: (groans) Thank you! (He finishes drinking the water in a gulp!) Can I have some more?
Noir: Sure! Would you like strawberries? They’ll make you feel better fast for the nutrients!
Eric: Yeah!..What’s your name, fair maiden?
Noir: Fair maiden? Do you always talk like that in medieval tongues? I’m Noir! Would you like to stay with us for a few days? My Cow…my King….uh, the King…………has asked me to look after you!
Eric: Yes, I would love that!
The two are eating strawberries and drinking water, when Cow comes running back to the Kingdom.
Cow: I just ran into Stefan at the market because he went to get more olive oil for tonight’s feast. (panting) Can I please have my samosa vegetarian? The Chef would love it!!!!!!


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