Noir, Cow and Cairo

Deep into the heart of Cairo, there lies a huge kingdom, ruled by one of the most ruthless kings imaginable. Merciless and dexterous, he goes by the name of King Zeus.
Zeus is one of those Arabs that cannot fathom the idea of losing his grasp on the throne. Throughout the last few years, since he’s been in power, he has hunted many enemies but they just keep on coming to feed off his wealth.
At this precise moment, a young girl arrives in a tall, black hooded jacket and stands infront of the 60 feet long golden gates to his grand palace. Intrigued and mesmerized by her strong, young face the King gets off his throne and goes to meet her, with some of his “round-table” Court officials by his side, dressed in colourful robes.
Overexcited and curious he trips on his orange striped robes, threaded with thick and wide gleaming gold threads and falls infront of the young kid’s feet.
King: Oh! You are wearing golden Gladiator sandals? You must be from Europe! What’s your name, my child?
Kid: Noir! I’m from England, yes! You are Zeus?
King:…Why, yes I’m Zeus!
Noir: This is a royal decree from Her Majesty, the Queen. It outlines my appointment to you as a foreign policy advisor for your Kingdom.
Court Official 1: Yes, we asked for one, for you, from the only other Kingdom we like.
Court Official 2: How has your trip been?
Court Official 3: Let me show you to your room!!!
Noir nods and speaks about the pleasant trip to Cairo and follows the three to her new room. The King jumps up at this sight and runs right behind Noir.
Court Official 3: …..and the room has a beautiful view of the desert sky at night.
Noir: What about during the day?
Court Official 3: That’s when you watch the waves of the ocean touch the mighty desert!
King:…So, you like sweets?
Noir: Normally, I do, yes!
King: (smiles broadly from underneath his moustache) I will get some for you then! I myself love candies!
Noir: Do you?
King: Yes! My favourite is Kit Kat.
Noir: That’s not a candy!
King: Then my favourite is Haribo Bears!
Noir: That is lovely, Zeus! I like Haribo, as well!
King:…I hope you like your room Noir! You will be here forever, except when you have to be at home in England because you want to and I must get me a vintage navigation compass for my camel rides.
Noir: I will! Also, from this moment on………I will call you King Cow!
King: King Cow?
Noir: Yes, because you are round….(bends down and whispers in Cow’s ears) and you don’t notice that a kitchen boy just ate all of your tortilla wraps that the kitchen right behind you seems to be busy preparing for what from here, looks like a feast for tonight!
King:(whispers) Yes! The feast is in your honour!……(goes red and shouts) HE WHAT??????? Let me at him…………
The King runs with the Court officials to catch the thief and brings him back infront of Noir.
Noir: Let’s see! What to do with you?
King: Make him pay shillings!
Noir: No! I have a better idea! Make 65 hummus pots for the uh, “round table” in time for tonight!
The Court officials faint at Noir’s ingenuity.
King:(shouts)….and make mine King size!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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