Kebabs and Greens for the Feast

The kitchen is busy preparing for a feast. Cow had no idea Noir would be here so early on a weekend so he has gone to the market to get some food for her, with a chef.
Cow: I would like to get some vegetable greens for Noir. I want her to be properly nourished and love her greens.
Chef: For a child, paprika, cucumber, cabbage, these are the greens they should always eat.
Cow: What about brussel sprouts? I can make mean ones in butter and salt.
Chef: Oh no! Kids hate brussel sprouts and I suspect that Noir is no different!
Cow: WHAT?!?! Noir isn’t like that at all if I cook them.
Chef: Maybe if you deep fried them, she’ll like them!
Cow: WHAT?!?! Nonsense! She enjoys them, I know she does!
Chef: Listen to me! If you cook cabbage nicely for supper she will love it! I actually have the perfect recipe….
Meanwhile, Noir is busy shouting at the kitchen boy, with one of the court officials by her side.
Noir: You call this hummus? It looks like lentils and mayonnaise mashed up together? Stefan come have a look at this!
Stefan: Are you making more of the filling for masala dosas and trying to pass it off as hummus??? He adores Indian food and seems to know only how to cook that, even though he says he knows our cuisine. Answer me, boy!!!!
Kitchen Boy: No, sire!
Noir: Masala dosas are hummus?
Kitchen Boy: No!
Stefan: Then why did you make it again? Everyday he cooks either this Indian food or either that Indian food.
Kitchen Boy: I thought hummus was spicy masala dosas. You can try, it tastes brilliant!
Noir: Spicy masala dosas is hummus?
Stefan: WE…are not trying it. Tell me the name of something you can cook, other than Indian food.
Kitchen Boy: Chicken kebabs and samosas.
Noir: Kebabs is Indian food?
Stefan:….Samosas are good. Make us 125 samosas.
Noir:….and make the King’s 12ft tall!


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