Putin’s Grand Submarine Ideas

Embed from Getty Images

Vladimir Putin is building submarines and reliving the Soviet Union, amidst all this grand display of showmanship from the Kremlin

As America seems to pull further and further away from Russia diplomatically, because of Putin’s actions in Crimea, Russia is out to make new kinds of friends and dealing with the growing problem of ‘global superiority’ through an improved and stronger nation. Vladimir Putin is always reinstating this purpose to his people and to people interested in Russia, and one can see the effects of it all unfolding.

A naval doctrine more than a month back was launched in response to NATO’s message that it will go closer to Russia. Suspicious and new as these motives may be, this naval doctrine is there to challenge any offensive planned or launched against Russia – sounds hostile! It is. The improved navy that is also in the pipeline aims to expand and be ocean-going, important in the Arctic Ocean and the Atlantic.

This plan is going to replace ancient ships that spend most time sitting idly by on coasts, with nothing to do at all. BRICS (an alliance of developing countries India, Brazil, South Africa and the powerful China and Russia) have already gone ahead with a public display of the new friends Russia and Putin are busy making. These summits want to carve out an alternate financial model to the Western system – a $100bn currency reserve aims to model off IMF’s role in ceasing monetary probelms that often keep erupting, and there is also a proposal in the pipeline for a $100bn development bank.

It is impressive to see Russia make new strategic alliances after being excluded from Western capitalism, but all of this is happening in an economy damaged by foolish sanctions coming from across the Atlantic. Putin needs to convince the Russians that such deadly submarines are necessary for Russia, for which citizens possibly will have to cut back on many necessities.

The submarines can fight any threat from NATO, except those experienced in a full-scale war with the former Soviet Union. The atmosphere in Russia today is just like it was in the eighties, before the Union was shattered into pieces. All of this grand display of military might and protectionism values are as strong today in Russia as it was back then, so as encouraging as all those displays of patriotism are, questions still remain if Russians will think Putin’s idea is going to float or sink.


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