Putin’s Grand Submarine Ideas

Vladimir Putin is building submarines and reliving the Soviet Union, amidst all this grand display of showmanship from the Kremlin.

As America seems to pull further and further away from Russia diplomatically, because of Putin’s actions in Crimea, Russia is out to make new kinds of friends and dealing with the growing problem of “global superiority” through an improved and stronger nation. Vladimir Putin is always reinstating this purpose to his people and to people interested in Russia, and one can see the effects of it all unfolding. 

A naval doctrine more than a month back has been launched in response to NATO’s message that it will go closer to Russia. Suspicious and new as these motives may be, this naval doctrine is there to challenge any offensive planned or launched against Russia – sounds hostile! It is. The improved navy that is also in the pipeline aims to expand and be ocean-going, important in the Arctic Ocean and the Atlantic.