Meet Noir Chocolate!

Deep into the heart of Cairo, Egypt, lives a deadly vizier. She is the most accomplished vizier in the world and comes from Kensington. She is the King’s most trusted advisor – with Noir by his side, the King has won every battle. Also known as “Cow” the King is normally known to be an inept ruler.

Until one day he hires Noir and turns the land prosperous, fights bandits, wins very exploitative riddles because of Noir’s cunning wit, learns to be a better ruler and has humorous adventures in the desert-town!

Noir is so popular in the Kingdom, Cow and his subjects go crazy when she goes to the market for grocery shopping, with her dogs! Everytime Noir is there Cow loses shillings to bandits and rich travelers because he cannot answer how cheese doesn’t make you fat, even though he believes it so much!


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