Mrs Funnybones

Twinkle Khanna has decided to write a book now and it’s called Mrs Funnybones. After dabbling in interior design, campaigning and modelling for various brands, the star wife and homemaker is choosing to experiment with words and humour.

Being married to Akshay Kumar, who is at the heels of tremendous success with the FoxStarStudios film, Brothers, must be a busy occupation of its own. So, the fact that she has managed to put her thoughts into superfluous funny ink, is a remarkable feat.

Twinkle loves couture but that’s not what her book is busy having funny wisdom about. It is about the modern side of India, and a modern Indian woman’s perspectives on her country. What was interesting to learn about in the book is how Twinkle periodically manages to have a life outside the home. The book is relevant rather than authoritarian, which is most definitely not how you like your humour books.

Twinkle has to accommodate a day-job, think about preparing meals, work around in-laws that don’t conform to her modern understanding of society and culture, and regularly source creativity. To juggle all of these tasks is not as simplistic as it might come off to some because she is after all a star homemaker, with a lucrative design shop to feel joyous about.

Joking about worshipping cows and how it relates to young men and their love for their mothers aside, Twinkle fusses about her weight and converses on how she manages to be independent and have a professional life in the book. Interesting! Twinkle often enjoys appetizing her cravings of a soya chakli (a pretzel-shaped snack made of flour, bengal gram and chickpeas) and cheese sandwiches.


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