Why The Labour Party?

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The picture with Labour is so different than most political parties in the world. As a staunch Labourite, for a very long time, I have grown up to believe more and more in the party’s ideologies, than perhaps so for many other supporters.

Labour to me is more than just a political party: it is a beacon of hope of positive change in Great Britain. There is no socialist ideologies in the party actually because since 1992, there has been no mention of it anywhere in party leaflets. Labour is centre-left though and was conceived from this idea that it needs to support the proletariat – an idea that is quite popular in Marxism.

Because of that reason alone, I decided to support the Labour Party because as an aristocrat and someone who believes that Marxism is a force of good for the world, we held similar perspectives on British society. In the end, that is what a political party is all about and why you should support it – do you identify with what it has to offer at all? Do you personally hold the same opinions about the proletariat, about the welfare state, about what the New Labour likes to debate about?

There is too much talk about how bad New Labour was, coming after Old Labour. There is a lot of anger over how one socialist person after the other keeps on getting elected – that can be dangerous. The debate should really focus on what it means to be centre-left for the Labour Party. Do they believe in the monarchy, because that is an established system to work within, like I really do? What about their stance on equal opportunity for all? What to do with the income gap between the separate classes we have?


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