Teenagers of Today

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Teenagers are this breed of people who like to make their meals, cram as much sleep as possible inbetween long hours of schooling and hate washing the dishes.

Teenagers in England have long been, since the days of Oscar Wilde, considered to be much the same like teenagers in America. It is human nature to bond with people who are similar to you: rural countryfolks from the South are more like country people from Yorkshire Dales, and people growing up in metropolitans, like NYC find that they have more in common with Londoners. Even though the same language ties separate communities together, there is still a lot of difference in behaviour from one teenage society to the next.

In England, most teenagers these days spend the largest portions of their day in a schooling atmosphere. Some take up jobs to earn pocket money, a really small enough allowance bordering on 10 quids. These jobs, ranging from a newspaper boy to a shop shelves stacker, provide teenagers with an alternative lifestyle, that is different from the rigidness of schools. Sometimes that can be a good way to balance out a young person’s needs for both fun and money to spend, casually.

Young children now are far more privileged than they used to be in past decades. Earlier on, for example, if you held music as a passion, then you had to go to the records store to purchase your favourite music. That is the only way most of them could also afford to listen to music – by sampling the records in the place. Nowadays, all you need to do is press a button on a technologically-advanced fancy platform, and you can find yourself comfortably sitting on your couch, with a pack of crisps and sampling separate genres of music.

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A lot of the time back then was also spent socializing, even though it was more difficult to be mobile whilst you do so, unlike now. Teenagers love to haunt ice-cream sundae shoppes over the weekend and getting to one, close to your neighbourhood is simple and fast, leaving kids to blissfully invest more time in managing other issues: such as which record to purchase after having spent thirty minutes, listening to samples?

There was less mixing of sexes back then too, unlike for teenagers of today, who not only go to those schools, they also find it difficult to live in a teenage world, where they do not have a single member of the opposite sex as a friend. All these drawbacks are commonplace themes of a society in progress but it is worth noting that modern society comes with it’s own set of immaculate troubles.

Women were more well-groomed in the ‘40s in comparison to today’s youths preference of excessively casual fashion, and they were also more conservative than many of today. Sunday meals with family was a priority or an important event of the week, because it meant good food, it meant a good time, it meant good conversations about cultural topics. Now, all of this has been substituted with a meal, with your boyfriend or a hair salon appointment.

Those frivolous attitudes were always present, like thinking about money for dates, talking about dates with a female pal, obsessing over a boy they really like – if there has been one improvement in social attitudes towards teenage romances it would simply have to be that women are now more free to act as they wish with a man in public, than previously. Earlier on, any remote signs of public display of affection, would be booed out and no one likes to have that kind of a humiliation, least of all infront a man they are desperately trying to win over.

Teenage life is not what it used to be but that is a good change. This change has made it possible for youngsters to enjoy their life at a faster pace than the generations of the past. It has enabled so many to experience different cultures, sometimes just a neighbourhood away. Teenagers can now enjoy food from around the world, only a grocery chain further than the last in the locality. They can wear fashion from all decades, they can enjoy an experience of washing because of modern appliances, by reading a book until it is done, and they can, in short, have a much more comfortable and delightful life, than ever thought of before for teenagers.

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