The Trojan Horse

The Greek army had, once upon a time, placed Troy under seige for ten long years, as a result of the Prince eloping with the wife of the King of Sparta. Paris was madly in love with Helen of Troy and paid no heed to how this was going to affect Troy. So many people died in the long war but nobody could truly conquer Troy, because the city remained a fort – closed-off and still unbroken within the stone walls.

A warrior king from the Greek side, Odysseus then hatched a shrewd plan: a wooden horse, mammoth in proportion was manufactured and left at the gates of Troy, as all of the Greek ships sailed far away. The Trojans thought the war was finally over and took the horse inside the walls of Troy as an offering to the gods, and as a gift to the magical city.

After it was wheeled inside, celebrations began all around – most of the Trojans soon fell asleep in their drunken state or were simply madly drunk from all of the joys. By doing so, Odysseus got what he wanted – he had kept many soldiers inside the horse that were to pounce on Troy, from inside, when the Trojans were too drunk to fight. The soldiers got out from the belly of the horse, opened the gates to Troy and the whole city was ravaged, mercilessly. The Trojan Horse, since then has gained cult status as an important military tactic.


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