Discovering The Modern Food Plate: Corn

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Rice use to once upon a time be regarded as the top crop in China. This reality has however, gone south and fallen upon corn – production of corn has increased from almost 125percent for the last 25 years, but rice has only increased 7percent. Meat lovers are responsible for this new dimension of food crop growth, as the Communist government pushes for farmers to take up the incentive to grow corns instead of rice. Poultry animals are also being fed corns and the farming method is also improving water quality in the region.

A Green China

Corn makes less use of H2O than rice production, and also contributes far less to environmental pollution. As a result, drinking water is made more suitable than for the Chinese, and China, once one of the world’s most polluted countries, is switching to green. The World Bank estimates that the country is responsible for a whooping 30percent consumption of fertilizers, globally.

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The agriculture department in the government has calculated that, from 2005 onwards and right up until 2011, there has been a stagnant drop in fertilizer growth because of the government’s in-house soil-testing program. Somewhere around tonnes of CO2 has been prevented from being emitted around the country. This is a new China, one that thinks about pollution and also about providing food for it’s citizens – it has become a global example of brilliant policymaking in agriculture and food.


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