Discovering The Modern Food Plate: Wheat

Russia is one of the most important sources of grain manufacture, such as wheat. The country has faced heavy sanctions and trade restrictions because of it’s role in ongoing violence in the region, as well as being unable to prevent them from happening. This has made the Eastern European country into a self-sufficient model of growth, forcing it to concentrate on agricultural initiatives within it’s territory.

Going Green & Counting Pennies

More food is being grown and the Kremlin has also increased government spending in new technologies, which are aiming to spurn on production. Temperatures often drop to subzero levels here but sunshine and the crucial role it plays in farming, aims to heighten precipitation and provide us with more fertile lands to cultivate agricultural produce in the near future. Challenges still remain, such as floods, droughts, heat and cold waves, which can make production rates drop by a shocking 15percent in the span of five years.

Embed from Getty Images

Russia is also thinking of going green: agriculture conservation is on the agenda, through cheap solutions, no-till farming, which can make soil erosion less of a worry in steppe terrains. In one of the coldest parts of Russia, Siberia, the Kulunda Steppe has poor soil conditions, because 50percent of the soil is already damaged. The launch of no-till farming in the region, looks to change all of that and even rake in yields to an improved 25percent. Russia has been lauded for this business-savvy and environmentally-friendly approach to agriculture consumption, making it one of the top five countries in the world for conservation of agriculture.


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