Rethinking The Greek Life

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For many students across the United States, the Greek life is the central point of getting a college education. It is similar in nature to our relationship with cheap and friendly night outs, pub-crawls, pub visits, filled with booze and random making-outs that you will probably not remember the morning after. As unwise as that idea is, soaking in that torpid culture seems like such a waste of your college fund.

When I wanted to go to university, options in America were not really one of my priorities because I wanted to get my first degree at home, I did not want to go to another country for it. Because I had setout to become an academic, early enough, I knew that in my life there would never be just the one degree, and the one big graduation, and that would be it. I needed to do a handful of degrees to even get anywhere in my life, and I was pleased with it. In America, the college system is amazing though, my particular favourite is Yale University, known to be really rubbish for the Greek life but amazing for the academics and the New Haven scenery.

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But coming from a British culture, I do not understand the obsession over alcohol and groups/societies. We can drink the moment we turn 18, unlike Americans who first taste a bottle of beer, when they are 21. You would think the higher threshold of maturity would be enough to motivate you to not make such a bid deal out of a pub atmosphere but they are nothing like that, they always want to soak in a pool of wine, make-out with hot girls and wake up the next day with a hangover and think if they actually did kiss that girl last night, after the quarterback game, or was that just his roommate’s dog that licked his face, as he lay there on the foot of the bed.

A fraternity or a sorority (groups/societies, for us) is a reflection of who they are as people. For example, I am someone who loves to volunteer, someone who likes to make my local community a better place, whilst there are others who might enjoy a game of soccer (football) a-tad-too-much. It helps you belong better at college (uni) so another reason for joining a particular fraternity, is to try to make new friends.

The best colleges in America for the Greek life, are Dartmouth College and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and don’t worry there is never any pressure to drink up! A lot of different kind of students are involved in fraternities and sororities, so even if there is pressure to be involved more, or be outcasted, you can do a lot more than just party. The pubs here are not high-strung, there is a good diversity to the crowd, and a lot of the environment involves academics. But should we really obsess so much over a mug of beer and making-out, now that you can finally do so much of both, drunk?

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